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To the dan ryan where the antibiotic administration is really knocked over the dan ryan there i should say that it's closed the dan ryan and our reporter bob roberts is at one end of the march he's able to see some of the march of moving toward him now that right bob well it looks to be a bit of a chess match day one i thought virtually were protesters were unit of chicago bicycle police officers they have come up right behind the end of the big wine of i dot trucks and basically kissed gone all the wall so that there is no way that any marchers to get past them now a few of the trucks have also moved it appears what they are trying to do is move them into a position where the only way they have to go is up the ramp to sixty seventh street marquette road and that will take a few more minutes this has been moving very slowly there have been negotiations and rude as to where the protesters would go and we now what we see people be directed over towards the seventy first street exit not excuse me not seventy i sixty seven th street exit although right now well forty five on the south side bob roberts point nine fm of course we'll have an update from traffic here at about four minutes and another update at the top of the hour concerning the demonstration demonstration on the dan ryan expressway the dan ryan it's self down by state police about a half an hour going keep you posted of course wbz news time eleven fifty four times has.

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