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Just like oh i see you in there. I see when they're not good enough. Not today okay. So i want you to really see this as playful and really as looking at your thoughts as the brain break it is. This will change so much for you if you don't change anything else and you give your brain a rain every day and give yourself you guys. I used to say five minutes but come on. We can find ten minutes a day ten minutes a day to think. And look at what you're thinking and once you start this practice just like anything else. You're gonna see how amazing it feels and how you get to clear your head and it really feels like that break you're looking for. You're going to crave it and it'll probably be something that you do more than ten minutes but even the ten minutes is valuable to give yourself a break so like no phone. No email not watching. Tv like wall. You're thinking this time set aside undistracted with you and your brain and looking at those thoughts writing them down on paper. Oh so freeing you'll like if you love the the way freeing feels do this practice if your brain a break look at your thoughts. Write them down and they'll be out of there right so we don't take time to look at our thoughts. Were thinking they get backed up in there. It's like taught jam. We're like walking around like feeling confused overwhelmed and unsure of what decisions to make just because our head is like clogged and it's not because we're crazy and it's not because we can't do it and it's not because we don't have the skills or not good enough or anything like that is simply because we haven't given our brain a break that literally. Is it if you wanna feel more certain and more sure about the decisions you're making it really just comes as a side effect as a byproduct to giving your brain break. The what a great bonus You set aside time to write down. What's on your mind and writing it down gets all assaults on the paper out of your head so you can be out of your head and your brain doesn't have to keep holding onto it keeping it all of it down so if you ever hear yourself say i don't want to think about it. That is usually the signal that it's time to think about it. But not in the way where you still instead of trying to figure it out in our heads we the words on paper and it releases the pressure you give your brain of and when your brain is cleared out. It's easier to take a look at what you really are thinking and what you want to do next. Do you wanna make changes. Do you want to keep things as you get to decide that. So clear and certain from that place and making this a daily practice. You'll see the difference how you feel. It's going to become a useful tool in your tool belt before you take on any other things in your day because like what a better way to start your day than with a clear brain a clear head and when i did this last week for a week like i definitely had watched a couple movies here and sent a couple of emails but as a whole i gave my brain a huge break and my brain became an idea mish so the thoughts that were going in and coming out worrying just ones on repeat. They felt some new and creative and they were baby. Because i gave my brain of break from the incoming data but even if it's just like chunks of time that we're just going to social media. Tv emails like without a purpose like really to distract ourselves. Give our brain a break from the incoming data. You learn a about yourself and as women. That's what we want. We want to be confident about who. We are what we wanna do. And no one hundred percent. we're going to follow through. Have our back get it. The painful parts are when they're always opposite of that like who am i. What am i doing. And i don't know if i can. Yeah psych. so that's what we really want. We want to know about ourselves to be confident in who we are what we wanna do. And no one hundred percent we can follow through and do it and that gets so much clearer the more you listen to what you're seeing in your head and give your brain a break. The daily brain break is a little interview with yourself to see how you feel. And what's on your mind and treat yourself like best. He just like that friendship. We talked about earlier. You're interested and what you have to say. It makes a big impact and what you decide the rest of the day. Because you're head is clear and you're more confident about who you are and what you wanna do all right so you guys enjoy your brain breaks. Can't wait to hear how this goes for you. Share all of it with me on instagram miss christie williams and have a great week. I'll see an extent. Hey lovely if you wanna be more competent on the outside half the start on the inside. If you don't take time to create an amazing relationship with yourself. It will show up in every other area of her life. If you feel stuck or don't know how to be yourself. I invite you to work with me. One on one go to miss christie williams dot com and sign up for free. Call to join my six month program. That's ms c. h. r. i s. t. i e. williams dot com and. I'll see you in session..

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