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Cameron, Hyundai of Greensburg yorker restaurant. And treasure hunt second round play has been suspended for the day after another series of storms at Bellerive country club at. Ten under par Gary woodland is one shot ahead of Kevin Kisner Brooks Kapka to, back Dustin, Johnson, Charles Schwartz soul and Thomas Peters are three off. The lead Schwartz Kapka shot sixty three's tying the tournament, record in fact kept came within an inch of, a sixty two which would have been a major championship. Record I didn't know Trying to make I really thought I made it Creaky sets on. Walking off on eighteen without sport. I didn't even think great sometimes so in his own, or when you're out hard x. PGA championship update is Saturday morning. I've Eric, Hagman NewsRadio ten twenty Katy k Forty. Five time for traffic on the fives it's powered by Nissan fifty. One south on top of the hill here's Scott Steeler fan Robert can't stress enough wet roadways folks just need to exercise a little bit of caution we have a couple more accidents on the southbound side. Of twenty we have an accident between FOX chapel, and the Highland Park bridge blocking the right lane delays back the blonde on the outbound side of twenty from up to the. Highland Park bridge on the inbound side once you get past the accident and FOX chapel you have another accident at the. On ramp from the thirty first. Street bridge on the outbound side northbound. Side of sixty five we have an accident just past the West. End bridge just after the on ramp from the. West End bridge in street one. Vehicle blocking the left lane one vehicle off on the, right shoulder this AAA traffic on..

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