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Upcoming mortgage payments how already pleaded guilty to fraud and extortion charges and is cooperating with the prosecution in court he helped narrates dozens of email exchanges with per cocoa and businessman peter galbraith kellie kellie was also desperate to get his company a power generation deal with the state how testified he helped get kelly to hire per coco's wife for a low show job eventually worth hundreds of thousands of dollars emails show how in per cocoa constantly joking about working over kelly for more zd though in the end per coco's proximity to governor cuomo wasn't enough to produce a state contract for kelley lawmakers in las vegas want new jersey to learn from their experience legalizing marijuana the nevada state senate is holding a conference this week to teach new jersey legislators how to implement medical and recreational marijuana programmes ronnie soto was an advocate with the new jersey cannibus commission the legislators that i've spoken to who whether they're ford or against for the common theme of fact paid off know anything bay or not educated and their education comes from you know refer madman or whatever they were taught along the way about what cannibus dosu society governor phil murphy signed an executive order expanding medical marijuana usage ines promising to legalize it for recreational use just started snowing here in lower manhattan you can expect snow and sleet today with freezing rain and then all rain by later on this afternoon highs today near forty one degrees this is wnyc it's eight oh seven support for.

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