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P News, one of 3.5 FM. 1 28 traffic and weather on the eighths back to read on the traffic center right here in the Baltimore Washington Parkway in Maryland, South bound still seeing the delay approaching in passing 1 97 that delay not as bad as it had been Everything moved over into that right transition lane on the right shoulder, So both of your travel lanes are open. And then everything looks good headed to the Beltway 50 and the BW Parkway, both in good shape. Whether you're heading onto New York Avenue or on the D C to 95 watch for any activity on the outer loop near 29. Coolsville Road response. Maybe showing up there in the district north about 92 95 year, Malcolm X Avenue was work with at least one lane. Getting you buy and North Capitol Street in New York Avenue had been the scene of a wreck Back in Maryland on the Harry Nice Mac Middleton Bridge. Traffic continues to alternate across the bridge with the work zone. 3 55 year. 109 traffic is alternating there as well for the work and South bound to 70 still heavy approaching in passing 109. It is one right lane getting you buy that work in Virginia South found 28. Lays headed toward route 66 we're singling gets by the work north about 95. The delay is from 16 Garrison Ville Road headed into Quantico. The left lane is blocked with that work, and the power outage going on in Alexandria had affected South Washington Street with the traffic lights reported between the Beltway and Wolfe Street as dark. Not sure if anyone is directing traffic there at the scene, But just keep it I out if you do come across a dark traffic light treated as a four way stop, Ledo Pizza is square because Ledo Pizza never cuts corners Ledo Pizza. Has been a local favorite since 1955 order online at Ledo pizza dot com. I'm Rita Kessler. W T OBY traffic. Okay? And our forecast from Lauren Rickets temperatures today or in the thirties. That is it but blue skies across the region and dry tomorrow morning we are gonna have rain D.

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