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When we don't have anybody to throw the fucking baseball on the mound for us and you tell me that rice l glasses now the hands off guy here that the angels are in a position of purgatory but iglesias's the one that can't be moved. I'm not saying he runs at win. Ballgames to have at least become the guy that you can't get rid of that asking price would be would be high. Yes because they don't know what the fuck they're doing. No clue no they. Don't look at a glitziest right now as an opportunity to potentially bolster the coffers that are overflowing with arms right now but the idea is. It's been a while since you've turned out guys in house on the mound that helps you be what you are journey. We were walking through that fucking door anytime soon. No straight up john. Lackey jarrod washburn. Those guys are not walking through the door. I miss john lackey. How we never had fucking lackey on here. I don't see lack being a. Oh no we're going to get them is just a matter of we haven't we haven't effort the situation. I mean the connect. The connect will make it happen. We've got we've got to connect that that will make it. One of my favorite one of my favorite things about john. Lackey was the interview. He did after. I believe it was after the world series where they're asking about like being nervous or being scared or whatever is on the fuck nervous. What no scared you get the wrong fucking do like i'm no. He just completely shit on the question of like being afraid or having any anxiety about what he was out there doing absolutely borderline wanted to slap the person who asked that question. I was like. I fucking love this dude. Junior college is so hyped about him. Just telling the world the fuck out of here fuck nervous fucking dirty kidding me. I'm still baffled by heat. Embry having a fight he he has the fifth best cape. Canine fucking baseball. There's there's some other guys. I mean daniel hodson hoti anthony bass. Dale hudson actually would be a nice piece for somebody. Call saucer this. There's who's this fucking no. No there's that's why you gotta look at whip. Canine like you. You look at the width first. And then you kind of zoom over and see what the canines looking like. There are a lot of dudes that have pretty high canines but like they've got like a fucking go one. Five four whip with a seventy are a. It's like jeeze yell at career. Bullpen guys. you don't want that. As traffic law. I worried about the high whip guys in the bullpen. Simply because alls it takes is for some some jack off to spit on to sliders down and away. now he's on first base and now that ninety nine that he's so confident and gets turned around homered. Ballgame over. That's wild you goslings rum guy dallas. I've dabbled how absolutely dabbled usually when i watch. Dodgeball are you big dodge guy. I like dodgeball. I excelled at dodgeball. Early loved steve curls creative mind not steve krill fucking pirate stephen brain. That's why he did real vince. Vaughn vince vaughan. Yeah but i'm a. I'm a daydream. Perjured goslings wrong. They've got moody values. That should motivates people to take time and stop and smell the roses. My man step away from the rat race. Step away ease your mind. Be happy goslings. Rome is the spirit of bermuda. Just like the coolest shorts and the darkened story is bermuda's national drink. you realize. They don't even have an anthem didn't even anthem now. But they have national drink..

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