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Hi i'm danika patrick watching my nieces grow play and learn is amazing but not every child gets to be carefree one in six kids in the us are hungry this breaks my heart and it's something that feeding america is working to change each year the feeding american network of food banks rescues billions of pounds of good food that would have gone to waste and gives it to families in need to help visit feeding america dot org brought to you by feeding america and the ad council the average time a resume spends on an hr manager's desk is seven seconds and most of them are tossed aside now imagine if one of those resumes belonged to yasmine who was living in a shelter juggling three jobs i had to be resilient that's something that you can't teach we rely so much on a resume yet it could never tell the full story of someone who has to be independent and take initiative and that's how i handle every project they get discover new ways to develop great talent at gradsoflife dot org brought to you by gradsoflife and the ad council oh i was little i didn't talk for a long time sensitive to lights and sounds so don't secret hiding places where they couldn't get it sometimes i do the same things over and over until one day at found out i had autism my family got me help slowly i learned how to live with better early intervention can make a lifetime of difference learn the signs at autismspeaks dot org slash signs brought to you by autism speaks and the ad council.

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