Joe Rogan's next guest?



Yes. The next Gaston Joe Rogan could be the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, and the man who wants to be the next one Joe Biden in a tweet trump welcomes the idea of a four hour debate with Rogan in his studio. He doesn't mention the presence of we'd go. spotify has gene cheat to oversee podcast deals for the company. She comes from paramount pictures, podcast deals like the one given to Joe Rogan made the stock value in spotify jump by more than fifty percent. Advertising, podcasts more than double Z. money according to new data pod sites giving an average return of two dollars. Forty two for every dollar spent anchor says it's cracking down on stolen podcasts after news broke a story last month that many top podcasts were being pirated on the service. The copycats might mean, Yano says found a workaround in anchors detection system according to the story we've reported a separate loophole to the company. Cabana at large podcast studio will be in the next striking digital podcast metrics report for the US. The companies have announced. Cabana has over one hundred and sixty five podcasts. podcast host art nineteen has an ounce more tools for podcast modernization including international sales, attribution tracking, and support for vast NPR got into podcasting because of a chance discussion in the staff canteen according to Eric Newsom who's written a piece. About the history of podcasting at the broadcaster Paul Page has added a voicemail feature to its podcast websites both free and paid listeners can leave voicemail, which is then sent to podcast hosts, Saas I a super APP for Africa that includes digital payments ride hailing instant messaging, and a WIFI finder has added podcasts to its service as well as listening to many different shows. It also acts as a podcast. Some indy shows earning five figure and you'll run rates on red circles says CEO Mike Cayden responding in Reddit Query Air Plug claims it's the UK's first PR agency focused solely on podcast promotion. They offer packages to launch and promote individuals shows, and the Australian podcast awards has announced their partners for twenty twenty where one of them and I am an organizer. AND INFOCOMM SKEWS on Oxford Road presents the divided states of media. Tomorrow is Katie Hertzog host of blocked and reported. I'm totally free. She says because I'm not dependent on a paycheck from anybody else our podcast is funded totally through Patriot. So we don't have corporate sponsors yet our funders or all fans of the show Nice if you can, and for the love of podcast has pop music editor James. Credit. That's me as a guest. The show promises trends, misconceptions, advice, and this aloof British accent

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