Boston Outdoor Dining Extended to December


Well, get ready to bundle up and head outside for snack. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh now extending outdoor dining in Boston into December on that from W busiest room. Oh, Holland. Now you can settle on in and eat outside until December. 1st Boston Mayor Marty Walsh just signing off on that were permanent over 550 restaurants in the city of Boston for outdoor dining, But it is about to get cold. So I've got some reassurance from some meteorologists around the comment that we're gonna have a mild fall and hopefully winter so please keep it up a little. Humor there from the mayor. But in all seriousness, he says, he's always thinking about the restaurant and small business owners. I know this has been a very difficult time for all of you and what we're trying to do. Now. It's true a community efforts to support you. Governor Charlie Baker has said he plans to sign off on a similar statewide outdoor dining bill soon. Drew Mulholland W. B. C. Boston's news radio

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