Mexico, Little Village And Kamala Harris discussed on WBBM Morning News


Presidential nominee Kamala Harris During wildfire stricken areas in her home State of California says politics should not be part of emergency response. People who are are victimized by these You know they could care less and their Children could care less who they voted for in the last election. This's not a partisan issue. This is not just ideology should not chicken. It's just a fact. California has already set a record for more than three million acres of land burned this year. It's a 30 for now. It was 210 years ago today that Mexico declared independence from Spain. And as his tradition people were celebrating by cruising downtown in the near southwest side last night. Michigan Avenue, was packed with traffic late last night, with large Mexican flags flying from vehicles, horns honking and people shouting Viva Mexico! Part of the reason for the Traffic Jam was that there were so many vehicles. Was also because the city shut down a number of downtown streets around Michigan and Wacker. No bridges were raised. Though there was a similar scene in the Little Village neighborhood where 26th Street was shut down. One Little Village resident said it was the first time he'd seen street

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