11 Trivia Questions on Replace Spinach


All right we are replacing spinach in key words in famous titles of books and movies and things like that phrases. Let's see how you do number one Charlie and the Spinach factory number one charlie and the spinach factory number one. Number two, the spinach of wrath number two, the spinach of Wrath. Number three, James and the giant spinach. Number three James and the giant spinach. Number four, a fish called spinach number four, a fish called spinach. Number five signed sealed spinach number five signed sealed spinach. Number six, the hunt for Red Spinach number six, the hunt for Red Spinach. Number seven goodbye yellow brick spinach number seven, goodbye yellow brick spinach. Number eight spinach on the COB number eight spinach on the COB. Number Nine Little Spinach Arkansas number nine. Little Spinach. Arkansas. And Number Ten Toronto Maple Spinach number. Ten Toronto Maple Spinach. And number eleven is a slogan this spinach for you this spinach for you.

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