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Today, and I'm going to Hatton courtroom, a judge tossing out predators, sexists. All case against Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein's attorney Ben Bronfman saying the allegations of sexual misconduct made by Lucia Evans are not true in time. Police Commissioner Neil saying the rest of the case remains unaffected the NYPD we'll continue to work with the prosecution in any way can to seek Justice for these brave survivors who have displayed tremendous courage in coming forward Weinstein due back in court in December. Federal prosecutors charging seven dockers in New York City Westchester on Long Island with a legally distributing pain pills. The agent Jimmie hopes says the takedown makes a significant dent in the opioid crisis. Some of these sources were so well known that they're attracted drug use and dealers from all over the northeastern states who traveled to start now, the Bronx Brooklyn and Westchester to get their fix of prescriptions. Five doctors in two nurse practitioners facing charges Kanye west ending down for a chat at the Oval Office with President Trump was happening to say the least. We have to take responsibility for what we're doing. We kill each other more than police officers Kanye west in the Oval Office. The topic presumably prison in sentencing reform. We can do it a different way totally often. But as thoughts room to the amendment banning slavery, and I think the way the universe works. It's perfect. We don't have the four German wrote that thirteen limit didn't look like the people they were amending NFL legend, Jim Brown. Also sitting in front of the president could do little, but listen up Costantini the White House. Rangers beat the sharks three two devils beat the caps. Six nothing. Traffic and weather up next. I'm Bob Brown on seventy seven WABC where New York comes to talk. It's.

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