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Novel spell nice about existence of the abstract in real life for example is possible to make what i call snow sword which is a blade as cold automatically freeze them the enemy it touches similar to lightsabres instantly hot was the possible about color snowfall like rainbow colored snow or green snow falling from the sky during certain types of weather conditions or is there such thing as cold fire another is you i'd like to bring up is is it possible to make a robot out of china and using liquid rooms hampshire in order to make the choice on break law flexed role in other words what if the terminator were made of diamond instead of metal and we'll help you get the barroom country liquids diamond room comes for you know fluid diamonds in order to prevent any damage from blunt force trauma this made the terminator stores he's death rendered or crystal or not steal thank you for your time well the answer is yes next question no let me try to break it down because you're as a whole bunch of different issues first of all is there such a thing as cold fire or cold light we know that light has energy but some people have said well is there such a thing as black light or cold fire in other words a flashlight that gives off darkness rather than light well we know of no such phenomenon because what is light to begin with like consists of particles called photons and by studying the properties are these particles called photons we can create laser beams and flashlights and searchlights and all sorts of different kinds of things but negative light that is the light that simply absorbs all energy we've never seen before now some people have talked about negative energy negative energy does exist and some people say well maybe that's black light the problem is negative energy is created by something called the casimir effect it is extremely rare very very tiny in the laboratory we've only been able to make tiny quantities of negative energy but let's take a short break and after the break we'll talk about well diamond robots and why our robot wire rainbows colored the way they are you are listening to science.

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