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On that stage. I didn't know that was what it was. He likes the big stage in the bright lights while you know, what? I like it when he likes the big stage in the bright lights to go and doing the right things going to the net. Putting the puck at the net and good things happen when you do that. He's played the right way the whole season. I love his game the way he plays. And I love to see guys like that get rewarded. Indeed. He did. What did you see? Let's start with the first one to get the first goal of the game was six and a half to go in the first period. You gotta give that Coleman and Benin credit on that play. They get credit for the assist, but certainly they kept that play alive. And it was it was nicknamed who found citizens on the back door. I'll credit Benino early on in that in that in that play. He through the cross ice neutral zone pass. It was behind echoed picks it up on his backhand skating backwards. I mean, that's you made it look pretty easy. That's the easy play to make. And then is he comes across the blue line. He finds space above the defenseman below the forwards. And is able to cut through the middle makes a beautiful backhand SaaS pass whether it Benino meant to chip it over or just try to tip it on net. He made a nice play over Sistan citizens job was pretty easy at that point. He already did all the hard work just getting to the net and getting on the offense inside of the defenseman. And then he just banged it home. And that's a that's an easy goal for him. But a lot of hard work coming through the neutral zone for echo. No doubt about it. And then some sloppy play by both teams in the neutral zone on the second goal some turnovers. Predators emerge, you're Roman Yosi. The captain who you spoke to and we had that interview in pre-game carries it into the Colorado zone. Just a little nifty pass over the right circle. And Colton citizens goes top-shelf on Varlamov. It's amazing to me. He looked like he lost the puck going through the neutral zone right around the Buluan the red lion at the boards. He lost the park. And then there's a scrum and somehow just comes out with the puck room. I I don't know how he does it sometimes. But then he's coming across. And because of that scrum. The you know, the D gets for the avalanche gets caught cheating up to it. And they don't expect that speed from Yosi Yosi blows through and picks up the puck, and then send it over to citizens who fires a shot, but another setup from the defense of the president that being Roman Yosi joining up and making a nice play and Colton citizens is hot he is red hot. So hot right now in the high altitude good stuff like how Gill? Right. The Pepsi center. Fred's lead the Avs to nothing through one period of play. Let's pause ten seconds for station identification..

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