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Day state representative sam calling says he's been living with chronic pain since heavy major surgery back in 2014 and while he's not terminally ill he says it's important for people who are suffering to hear words of hope i don't want wanna hear from you see old given up sir i wanna hear of mercy please make your home or day it's so difficult for us representative need knock o'meara who supports the bill spoke about the loss of her father and brother indian when they could no longer walk and take care of themselves both wanted the choice to die with dignity this bill is about giving people a choice the proposal allows a physician to prescribe life andy medication to terminally ill but mentally capable patients with less than six months to live supporters of the bill say it has some of the strongest safeguards in the nation but critics want more for example controls over the deadly drugs we don't have a method whereby we can actually make sure that x amount of pels went back and now we have him back in our our possession and nobody else can actually ingest them no minor can be subject to them and it won't be in a place where people can access it senators will now have their turn to hear the bill with both sides watching closely coup personal civil rights hill we we have all these other rights that are protected and now hopefully will have this right also protected there is already a very high amount of suicide right here in the state of hope iii and we don't want that message out our kinky it's unclear what the senate will do with the bill however supporters are optimistic since the senate overwhelmingly approved a similar bill last session ashley nagaoka hawaii news now thanks ashwell fire broke out near holly molly ola and knocked out water to the transitional housing project it's the second fire in the area in just three days started to run 1230 near the drawbridge arche area on sand island estate officers were conducting a homeless we both the area the.

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