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All know dash rina's dashiki. Do i love that. That actually is that actually the name. Guess don't look it up. I looked it up. It's not that anyway. Because on tumbler you have a dashboard. Called dash con. They were going to call. It tumbled kahn or something like that or talk tom. Tom com tumble con. I go to tom gone. Eat tomes so in the lovely place of schwammberger illinois as fairly real town the inaugural schlumberger early. You have you been to schwammberger. Maybe what happens in schwammberger. Well what happens is it's in illinois. Everybody knows that apologize dash con. Obviously yeah of course of course of course anyway. July eleven thousand fourteen in schwammberger illinois the inaugural convention quickly became infamous for allegations of mismanagement and corruption among organizers an alleged abrupt demand by the hotel for upfront payment of cash for use of its facilities and celebrity guests being forced to drop out of the convention after. They were informed by the hotel that they would be responsible for paying for their rooms. Like we've all been to convince we know the general stick. There's like booths vendors. People selling things there's panel celebrities talking or just creators or just random people talking. It's about a discussion it's about. You know being a fan of something and going to like meet other fans in like consume the content and derivative content. There of the only problem was with tumbled con. I don't know what the main draw was supposed to be because tumbler itself is like an aggregate for different phantoms. Everyone can talk about whatever they want and back. Then there was a lot more porn. Like like like lou odd so really when when it got organized off to a bad start from the get-go because this convention center could have like three thousand seven thousand people attending there were three hundred fifty people. They came here. I know three hundred and fifty people is not a small amount of people but in these convention centers are in the tens of thousands of square feet huge places and they're usually attached to hotels and they run deals where things can get there. What it all boils down to is. It was so horribly mismanaged that it didn't have the funds to pay for anyone to arrive. Let alone the people that said they would go without. Pay to even a hotel cost compensated. They didn't have any sort of security. There was no system for vendor stack. Surely sell their stuff and then to top it all off. The hotel got paranoid that they weren't going to get paid. And then immediately demanded a whopping seventeen thousand dollars to get their rooms paid upfront. And so the organizers of the convention. And i don't know if there's a legitimate quote but someone said we were sitting there and this girl ran in and said they're gonna shut us all down if we don't get seventeen thousand dollars right now and literally ran around the convention with a plastic bag asking people to dump money in it. They said quote. We're taking money right now and people actually threw money into it. Someone said i had a friend who dumped four hundred dollars into it but there's no tracking of any of this. The original announcement was around nine pm. So little after ten which was supposed to be the deadline for the hotel was saved and everything was good. Thank god who's putting this on by the way i don't actually know it wasn't like affiliated with the website. Was it no. Because i think what it was was. Someone had a tumbler and they were july. Let's make let's do this. Let's make a convention. Let's make it happen you know everyone's entrepreneurial or whatever it wasn't officially endorsed by tumbler. It was just a convention catered towards the users of tumbler ono. I found a little bit of info on it organized by dash con. Llp a hudson ohio-based llc owned by megan. Eli and roxanne schneiderman It's an ohio hall. God poor state. Don't do this now. No no no no illinois illinois everybody knows about illinois get them get illinois you stupid illinois and your dash cons okay. Well there's nothing wrong with people actually trying to get a convention together right. That's up conventions that are small. That are totally fine convention. It need to be thousands of thousands of people to be successful as long as it's planned correctly for the right of number of people like tuesday. Three fifty three fifty arrives. That's could be enough. Theoretically it would be totally if you rented like a hotel ball that they rented a fifty thousand square foot convention center. I don't even know where they got the money for this. We're the hell. Did they get the money. And then they also booked out block rooms and the hotel. It was attached to it because they were saying like. Oh yeah there's going to be thousands of people and apparently the hotel and this particular convention center. This how exciting schwammberger is. They were used to model train conventions damn and apparently the model train crowd. Just absolutely floors. The tumbler crowd like. That's apparently like consistent good business for schwammberger illinois convention center But no matter what happened they had numerous cancellations of panels. Because obviously you know knowing who was told they should go did go because they didn't even have a hotel book for them. so all these panels got cancelled. The infamous picture of the ballpit is one hundred percent. Real was one hundred percent offered as compensation for the the the lack of panels and all of the problems and they even had a raffle to go into the ballpit bonus hour. You get an extra hour the ballpit and then there was also a raffle for more time. This ball pit for those you listening. If you're not looking at the image. This ballpit is like big enough for like three or four small children to sit in. This is not a big ball. Well it's a it's a kiddie pool. Right i mean that's not a kitty. Pool is intended for like a couple children to enjoy. It's maybe a one to two hundred dollar bouncy castle and like maybe a fifty dollar inflatable. I can only imagine like if they had decided to throw this in their backyard. It would have done. Great like blockbusters but they probably would have the cops call them but mashed it would have been more fun experience. Even you'll three hundred fifty people in one room is a lot of people but you put three hundred. Fifty people randomly distributed around fifty thousand square foot conventions that are it seems really lonely and sad and the fact that kiddy pool can has three children and this picture shows four adults in them just very funny plus four people waiting their turn very patiently to get into the kiddy pool. The most concerning thing you've pointed out so far the putting money into a plastic bag to i totally get the idea of being somewhere and being really personally invested in something like if there was a convention that was like something that i really cared about pizza convention but it was a.

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