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Y. P. C. mobile news all the level on the go Indianapolis metro police this is a priority Miguel here's what's our keeping guns out of the hands of small kids and criminals is a priority for the police the Indianapolis metro police department says trigger locks and safes are ways to secure guns as a community it's important that we work together to identify those around us they should not have access to firearms and eliminate those opportunities together we can work to reduce gun violence in India I am PT deputy chief Kraig McCord says family see to make it a priority especially with everyone getting together and crowded houses with lots of children a website car dealership says it's the victim of a Facebook scam I am S. cars near west tenth street and race way road has been getting phone calls a week from people hoping to get a deal on a brand new car the because Facebook marketplace featured an affirmation last cars the scammers are impersonating the dealership on Facebook managers say they have reached out to multiple law enforcement agencies including Indianapolis metro police department and the FBI in the meantime AMS cars as everyone to report the ads on Facebook a popular indycar driver is leaving the series rob caller reports Sebastian board day has announced he is leaving Dale Coyne racing and the N. T. T. Indy car series race sports cars in the M. sissy reason twenty twenty the Frenchman finished thirtieth in this year's Indy five hundred and finished eleventh in the indycar point standings and he'll leave Indy car with thirty seven career wins tied for sixth most rob cut it ninety three W. I. B. C. mobile dues I'm not a sin we kill all the level on the go.

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