The Barrett Brief Kamala Harris Lets The Mask Slip On The Democratic Ticket - burst 1


I'm guessing the headline today when I'm looking around the news, the day and the narrative that will follow. That headline everywhere was this. Slip, which is what they're trying to say this slip by Kamala emoji Harris about. Well I'll let you listen to it for yourself. We we have the audio here where Kamala let's supposedly. Let's the mass slip on the real the real running of the Democratic ticket. Harris Administration together with Joe Biden. A Harris Administration together with Joe Biden. Harris Administration. With Joe Biden. I've told you this. Everybody's been telling you is that. Of course, my prediction that. Joe Would get covid nineteen in August. Well I might be. He still might get it before the first debate folks. Right, he's looking older and sickly her. Every time he goes to the podium. Every time he goes, it's getting worse. And so when people say that she said the quiet part out loud that is the that is the the official phrase. Oh well, she said a quiet part out. Loud. As. If. We. Already know that I don't think there's anybody that knows or that. Well, your average Joe population probably doesn't think this. But anybody on the right or the left. New whoever the vice president was going to be early, he's the nominee on the democratic side would potentially be. The president at some at some point. Night. Either on the ticket for some reason. If. Joe had to leave or within six most twelve months into a Joe Biden administration, he would step down. He would step down for whatever reasons and then whoever the vice president is would take that position. but of course. We, know for a fact. that. She's been waiting for that. That she is ready. To take over. And this goes along with and I just found this one as well. This article from the Hill Dot Com. From today. From yesterday at like seven o'clock at night. So we roll it over today. From the DOT com Democrats worry Biden is playing it too safe.

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