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News Radio six ten WTVN. I'm Sean Gallagher. Police are investigating a shooting that took place in east Columbus, Saturday evening semi two people to the hospital just before six o'clock police responded to Allegheny avenue reports of gunshots being fired police say one victim arrived at grant hospital with a gunshot wound to the left foot. And the other victim arrived at Ohio State University east hospital with a gunshot wound to the right buttock. A prosecutor says investigators have not been able to determine how an inmate in twenty three staff members at a southern Ohio prison were exposed to in sick. And by a mix of heroin and the potent painkiller feno. Ross county prosecutor match Schmidt tells the chillicothe gazette that authorities could not determine who brought the contraband drugs to Ross Correctional Institution. And don't have enough information to prosecute anyone for the August incident. It was investigated by the state highway patrol which has not publicly released its report Schmitt ads the investigate. Gatien was inconclusive about what caused the exposure. But one possible explanation came from the inmate who was treated who told investigators the fan in his cell blue dust or white powder into the air when it was turned on that day number ten Ohio State, sixty two thirty eight blowout win over number four Michigan yesterday, puts them deeper into the college football playoff conversation, m many believe it will come down to them an Oklahoma on paper. These teams are so similar that it would be a very difficult debate for the selection committee when you look at what Ohio State has done may have the best win against Michigan. They have the worst. ESPN OSU plays northwestern in the big ten championship game this upcoming Saturday. Oklahoma has a chance to avenge their only loss in the season when they face Texas the big twelve title game. Oh, you beat OSU at the horseshoe last season thirty one sixteen and most Buckeye fans. Probably remember the Baker Mayfield flag planting incident, the buckeyes had beaten the Sooners enorm- in the year before Forty-five twenty-four,.

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