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And welcome to juicy scoop. Well, funerals can always be choosy, especially when there are former president President George Bush rest in peace. However, his granddaughter is supposedly the first pick for taking over Kathy Lee Gifford's role is host co host in the fourth hour of the today show, which is fine. Jennifer, she's doing fine. And we talk about a a life. That's just been handed to you. I mean, I'm she's tackled a little bit like this shall when. My grandfather would I entered the White House but good for her. Anyway, there's big funeral that happened and Sharon Bush who is the ex wife of Neal Bush one of his sons that was not a president. She's very pissed that she was not invited to the funeral. She was hoping to sit with her three children who are all very successful. At the funeral. The two. The thing is I disagree shared with you. Because what I've seen is the Neal Bush. He remarried some woman named Maria. And they've been married awhile. Even though she was the wife for twenty three years. The kids are older second wife is who's with now and the Maria woman was very carrying to the elderly Bush parents and also apparently she sounds like a bit of a star for like, you know, that she would wanna be there and be seen and talked to all the a listers and stuff, and I just want to say if I die, and my horrible sister comes out of the woodwork and wants to go to my funeral because she thinks Kris Jenner might be showing up. I would be pissed too. So I say, no, you do not have the right as an ex wife to be invited to the your former inlaws if your husband doesn't want you there, if his new wife doesn't want you there the person who. Grieving for their parent decides who comes or not no matter. If you raised your children are not together. So Sharon, instead, she had a lovely lunch page. Six says with lady Gaga as mom, and instead share it had lunch with an Hearst and Cynthia JIRA, Monteray? Woohoo is lady Gaga mom during the funeral..

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