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Stay with us coming up on the news hour how the trump administration approaches asylum requests from women from abroad who are victims of abuse the latest on the trial of bill cosby plus how a small utah town is using the arts as an economic engine but i the chicago public school system is one of the largest in the country and historically one of the most troubled its problems and its efforts to turn things around are often watched nationally but in spite of past troubles chicago schools are reporting academic improvement now city leaders are hoping to keep things moving forward with a new boss who believes school principals are the key special correspondent kavita cardoza with our partner education week follow this report from the windy city it's for our weekly segment making the grade calling janice jackson new to anything in chicago public schools isn't quite accurate jackson has deep roots in the system starting as a toddler in head start since then i've been a student in cps a teacher a principal a district leader the one that i think is most important is that role of parent thank you in january she took over as ceo of chicago school system she recognized the importance of developing principal leaders early on the media in hollywood portrays educators as these heroic leaders and you have this one person who comes in and changes everything and i think that that can happen but it's not sustainable right i learned very quickly that it takes a team in order to be successful jackson walks through george westinghouse college prep one of the most successful high schools in the.

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