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Face body is t even babies, we got baby Leon. Baby products, living libations has premium high-end natural, wonderful product to replace the random chemical nightmare they sell at. CBS. So go to living patient dot com and use Promo Code. Weird for twenty percent off show your support of this podcast, make your skin. Feel look operate and love you better. Speaking of Staff, wonderful staff that you can put in your body natural wonderful foods that you can put in your body. No new age I got turned onto from my friend David. He told me about Heeschen Nonni, juice to Heeschen. NONNI is a super fruit. Use Me. It's known for its medicinal properties. It's been used by healers for literally thousands of years as an ancient health remedy. But guess what we've caught up with medical science modern science. It is now scientifically proven to boost immunity boost immune activity, naturally enhance energy and support overall wellness I was skeptical. At first. But I saw they have published and peer reviewed studies with clinical double blind trials with placebo that show four ounces of to heat known Jew. Twice a day increases your K- cell count. That's your natural killer natural killer n case. By thirty percent. That's thirty percent more ammunition to help keep your immune system stay powerful. It's two hundred and seventy-five nutrients and fighter nutrients, including key vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Delicious a little bit like pomegranate juice. It's cut with a little bit of blueberry to give it some sweetness in there and I take it in conjunction with their supplements sell defense, which has been clinically shown to help your body fight inflammation. Usually a bottle excuse me of self defense and a bottle of heat known you a one liter bottle would be one hundred dollars. But for listening to this show, you can get both for forty bucks and show your support of this podcast and no, you're doing something healthy and vital and helpful for your body every day twice a day go to. New Age dot com slash weird forty and. New. Age Dot com slash weird forty..

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