The Bonus Army


Welcome to kiss myths and mysteries. I'm your host Kit crumb today the mystery of the Bonus Army July twenty eighth nineteen thirty two will mark the eighth anniversary of one of the most controversial protests in US history and yet it remains virtually unknown to most Americans. On, that day nineteen, thirty, two, five, hundred, US army infantrymen loaded rifles, fixed bayonets, gas grenades containing of vomited ingredient two, hundred cavalry, a machine gun squadron eight, hundred police and six M One, nine, thousand, nine, hundred seventeen army tanks prepared to attack seventeen hundred unarmed men plus thousands of their wives and children moments before the Assault General Douglas Smith Garth in charge of the operation turned. To police officers standing next to him and said, I will break the back of the enemy. The attack was ordered by President Herbert Hoover and commanded by General Macarthur Dwight D Eisenhower was MacArthur's aide and Major. General George. S, Patton led the tank unit after donning gas masks the tossed hundreds of tear-gas grenades into the encampment which started raging fires and the assault drove all but the. Occupants of the area in Kampman was then burned to the ground. This wasn't Cuba the Philippines or the Mexican border. But in Washington DC The camp nicknamed Hoover Ville occupied by World War One veterans who were living in tents and shanties across the country and they're also in their encampment in DC with crumbling buildings all around them along Pennsylvania Avenue near the capital if your education was anything like mine, there wasn't any mention of this event. In history class four, million vets had returned from the war. This is World War One was the war to end all wars and found that others had taken their jobs that are considerably higher wage than though one dollar per day soldiers pay an expected more help from the government in nineteen twenty four Congress promised World War One veterans a bonus payment. I'll dollar twenty five for each day of overseas service and a dollar for every day of. Home Service there would be a limit of six hundred, twenty five dollars for overseas service and five hundred for Home Service but the catch twenty two was that it could not be redeemed until nineteen forty five cash quickly dubbed at the tombstone bonus because many of them would be dead before collecting with the Great Depression deepening demands for making an immediate payment we're escalating finally bill was passed, but President Hoover vetoed it in response some three hundred. Veterans led by Ex Sergeant Walter waters boarded a freight train in Portland Oregon in early May nineteen, thirty, two and headed. For Washington DC. Soon, others began their pilgrimage the cat to the capital from across the country and dilapidated buses overcrowded pickup trucks by walking hitch-hiking the vets and their families were in desperate financial shape with overdue bills to pay hunger affections hanging over their heads. They demanded immediate payment of the bonus soon, known as a bonus. Between Seventeen Thousand and twenty five thousand trekkers began arriving on May twenty third nineteen, thirty, two, assuming their demands wouldn't be met anytime soon, they proceeded to set up a long-term presence in order fashion they mapped out streets named for states, Setup Library and post office, a barber shop and a military type sanitation approach appointed MP's to keep order publish their own cap newspaper and even organized evening. Vaudeville shows. Some ten thousand other vets occupied partially demolished government buildings that surrounded the main camp between the capital and the White House. Extremely Patriotic. That's insisted on American flag fly over every tent and Shanti further as Roy. Wilkins than a young reporter with a press pass road. There was only one absentee in the Cap James Crowe get it Jim Crow. The entire massive undertaking was one in which blacks applied shared everything. Together, during world, War One, the military was still segregated as was Anacostia Park when the marchers arrived the vets who had fought a war together deliberately decided to live side by side and set up in the black section of the park. This fact alone may have led some people to fear the movement General Macarthur's most trusted subordinate Brigadier General. George Van Horn Moseley portrayed black and white veterans living together. As proof that Negroes Jewish communist were planning a revolution in truth radicals and Communists were dismissed by the veterans and were never serious element in the movement. The veterans those were still alive didn't receive their bonuses until nineteen, forty five keep in mind that many. World War One vets had died by then and families were not eligible for the bonus. The ravages of the Great Depression continued until World War Two. Today. We have a confluence of factors including the federal government's failure to protect US citizens for the Cobra virus and pandemic machine fiscal austerity in the face of another great depression a newly transparent institutional racism that has provided an unparalleled opportunity to replicate the bonus army's action in the nation's capital this time on an unprecedented scale depth and breadth of

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