Facebook plays whack-a-mole with foreign election interference


Facebook said this week it's taken down several networks of fake accounts over concerns about meddling in the US election the latest crop tied to Russian intelligence services. The company says the accounts on facebook and instagram could have been used to leak hack documents. It also removed several authentic Chinese accounts that in some cases shared material related to president trump and his opponent former vice president Joe, Biden facebook didn't say whether those accounts were directly tied to the Chinese government which has denied any influence campaigns. Sarah Frier is a reporter for Bloomberg who's been following developments. This is just indicative of. How facebook is going to continue to be playing, whack a mole with these kinds of operations there they're going to have to keep looking for them, finding them, stopping them, and when I say these operations, I need what facebook considers to be coordinated inauthentic behavior. Specifically, the kind of influenced campaigns where entities from another country are trying to pretend to be US citizens to stir controversy. When in fact, they are not researchers who looked into these fake Chinese accounts found that some of them were created using a I generated faces. So not real faces. How concerned should we be about that? I think that that makes it harder to you to determine whether somebody is not a real person like often you can. You can look in an account and do a reverse image search and find that the person who's accounted as is actually someone else or stealing someone's picture. But now you can generate faces with AI, which is a little scarier generate new identities in. It's hard to tell the difference between that and a a real person. Do you have a sense of how influential foreign interference might be in the selection, which is already underway? I think the bigger issue may be domestic efforts to influence the election. I think that a lot of people have learned from the events of the past few years, just how how incredibly powerful it can be to stoke fear conspiracy and strong feelings. But that's what spreads on facebook is if you can get a reaction out of something if you can people to care and. Share and make something go. That is that's what works, and so I think that outside of the issue of fake accounts in fake identities there's this larger issue of of. The kind of viral misinformation that has spread and facebook has a much

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