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One had been a largely peaceful protest around 150. Marchers left Cale Anderson Park, then wove through the neighborhood, chanting the name Briana Taylor and calling on people to leave their homes and joined the march After about an hour, many regrouped at the East Precinct, where they started the fire and began throwing objects at the station. Someone on a loudspeaker ordered the crowd to disperse. Then bicycle officers and officers on foot moved in to physically push the crowd out of the area. We have no reports so far of injuries or arrests. Corwin HATE Cuomo News. Seattle continues to make headlines across the country from Cove in 19 to crime and protests. The city is in the spotlight. Well. Suzanne Font talked with travel expert Steve Danny check about the effect. Violent protests and riots have head on Seattle's image nationwide. We're getting a bad reputation we get, we get tainted every time they talk about, you know, New York, Portland, then the core in Seattle. And, you know, just not helpful. Seattle's already facing its share of challenges with closures due to cope with 19 restrictions and then growing crime. People say there's nothing left in downtown. Even the council in were recently talking to is disturbed about the disintegration downtown. Couple news time 704. Let's get back to Keira Jordan for another Comeau traffic update. What's happening? Well, we had an earlier crash into coma. Eastbound 16 Approaching I five that's now cleared out of the left lane. Looks like much of our backup there has cleared we had a crash. In wooden Ville south on Highway nine. It's deeper out 5 to 2 that was blocking your left lane. That's also just been moved out of the area. We have a stall in Seattle. This is on Rainier Avenue at South Henderson, and this is blocking a South bound center lane. Orphaned I five heavy into coma City Centre Heavy in Seattle from the north End of Boeing Field to Seneca. We're seeing delays. North found 99 around the first Avenue South Bridge. East 5 12 is slow between them all and pioneer, scattered, slowing north 167 from highway for 10 into Pacific pockets of slowing again. Traveling from highway 18 2 to 77th. It's a real struggle on North found 405 between Talbot and Northeast 44th. South bound for five is looking busy and canyon parka starting right around state route 5 to 7 our next Cuomo traffic

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