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At the video from a helicopter Cameron, it was downright scary. Probably for the protesters who were on the street is the two vehicles tried to go through and for the driver whose car was surrounded by angry demonstrators. The first incident involved a blue pickup truck that slammed into a protester and send him sliding on his back on the pavement. That was the reaction of the crowd. Officer William Cooper's with LAPD. The individual was transported to a local hospital with minor injuries, but it didn't end there. A short time later, a white pre has tried to work its way through the crowd. Driver of the Prius. People chased the car on foot and then a black pickup involved in the protest. Sped down sunset and cut off the white Prius, forcing it to stop and then the driver of the pickup tried to pull the driver of the Prius out of the car. While other people started pounding on the Prius, the driver, the Prius, attempted to flee the area and reverse into a green Mustang behind it. The freest driver managed to get away. Police stopped and identified both drivers involved in these incidents. They're now trying to sort everything out. Live in Hollywood. John Baird KO next. 10 70 news radio. Call it affordable housing. But where do you find it? In Southern California? Some say the situation's getting worse. More coming up after traffic, traffic and weather together Here is Desmond Shaw. So we've had the signal since the 2 A.m. hour. This was sadly and someone was killed in a crash. Westbound side of the 91 at Lake Would Boulevard Now a word from CHP. They're saying that plane's air open down at this point. So do you still see a really nasty backup from Bloomfield getting through the 605 Still gonna recommend the alternates? Artie Asia Orlando tell this completely thins out, but CHP indicating the lanes are clear. Westbound side of the 91 at Lakewood Boulevard. We still have a Sickler go for the westbound 10. This's at Los E n ago. That's where the two left lanes but taking away your crawling coming away from Vermont Adams Washington. They've been holding up as excellent alternates to get around that big mess That was after someone hit the center divider south about four or five. Now we have a jam up. It's a crash of Burbank Boulevard carpooling down for the count. So's the drive from Sherman Way, you know, suppose it up? It's a fantastic alternate even through Ventura Boulevard. If you want to stick with it towards West L a. Not a bad idea, because even beyond the crash, it's going to be on it off. Slow from the one I want down to just about getting center drive. Got the roadwork against south at 1 70 auction are to Riverside Drive. Two right lanes taken away frustrates the ride from just about victory. Thanks for the call in Anaheim Hills, apparently really thick marine layer. People are coming down the hill from the 2 41 toll road towards the 91. He said. Way too fast as they get into very, very low visibility. So please take a generally through there definitely have some of thick, foggy conditions in some areas this morning. Next reports at 7 15 with more important more often, and Desmond Shawn, the Toyota Glendora dot com 24 Hour Traffic center can extend 70 years radio some low clubs that support around the area this morning. Otherwise, look for things to clear out later in the day, sunny skies eighties downtown seventies along the beaches right now, it's 67. Seven No. Eight at K Annex and across the state of California. There's a new research that shows that the problem shortage

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