Zeider House Fools 9/24: Lindsey Graham, Lukashenko, Ballots, Tyler Herro, #JBChanceHoly - burst 4


Use Hashtag J. B. Chance Holy also you know just some corporate savior shit coming down like they show up and then like let's in these so gross. But you know what people need money. So yeah, fucking. Why don't you wouldn't you ramp that up to like a cool million I mean, we don't have it. We saw. Chance thought about music videos and in the Netflix show, he was like I just didn't like that the. Cross was upside down or something like that, Oh yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. You GotTa Watch out with your imagery. Man? You know that's not good. It's demonic. You know. So we also had chance saying find out from your mom who she's going to both four inches vote for that person. In a tweet so that is. I feel like chance has. Man Lost Way a little bit. I don't know man I'm not I never fan right? Not that I disliked him I just never kind of caught the cop away. SNEAD more acid less Less holy water. Holy Water All right guys that is going to do it for this Thursday afternoon We will be back tomorrow with a whole ass episode of the show until then stay inside wash your hands wear masks don't do nothing about white supremacy be kind to each other be kind to yourself. Tokyo tomorrow by. What's going on I? Know it's been awhile since you may have been out of the house living life like you used to. But you know what? There is the open road that still is there and you should probably reintroduce yourself to a in a Mazda I was lucky enough to drive around in nine the last couple of months and I have to say the C. UV lineup by Mazda is pretty wonderful. These vehicles are masterfully crafted. They have elevated design that's reflected in every detail from the the controller knobs to the steering wheel. It's all there. So if you want more information on the MAZDAS UV lineup including the first ever see thirty Goethe Mazda USA, dot com slash Iheart, and don't forget to explore their strongest finance options. This episode is brought to you by the Mazda C U V lineup they intuitively respond to the driver. It's like it's an extension of the drivers. Well, it really is phenomenal and the designs are incredible. They look like they're moving even when they're standing still Mazda truly is a line of vehicles that are made for people who love to drive for more information on the Mazda C U V lineup including the first ever see thirty go to Mazda USA dot com slash Iheart, and don't forget to explore their strongest finance

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