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Sitting in well vita blues, thrown his first pitch out and Salem Oregon tonight. Tiny man is up there. The giants extended spring. Now they have like a. Top or low, a ball Salem Oregon, and Tom trouble horns up there man genetic club for the giants you played for him. Tom tripplehorn? Sure did police form in? Aaa won a championship in Vancouver. And Dan, he ended up getting a job at Milwaukee, and spent about three and a half four seasons with him in Milwaukee, I want to get to your Milwaukee days. I did a little research on you a little bit of Mike, Mike, tiny Felder. Michael otas, Felder. I gotcha. I'm all come at you with some good stuff big band, but we're going to we're going to talk to guests I before I get into your career, just a couple of things drafted as a second baseman that kind of surprise me always thought you were an outfielder but she said, second base and shortstop and then you went to the outfield. I was more of a shortstop in a second baseman. Drafted as a second baseman third round in nineteen Eighty-one draft or the Milwaukee Brewers. And sure enough, nineteen Eighty-one you only played four years in the minor leagues. You came up in nineteen eighty five five years, five years wasn't eighty one eighty two eighty three four and eighty five. Okay. All right. I gotcha. All right. Eighty-five. You've played fifteen games in a big leaks September eleventh, nineteen eighty five you first game in a big leagues. Nine eleven remember that. Remember the whole game have remembered part of the game, the only in part of it. We, we, we, we wanted to work we wanted to triple eight championship tonight before we beat the Phoenix giants in Phoenix for the three Phoenix Firebirds back. They Knicks five bird was a fire bird. It was hot Phoenix. When you're playing there. We ended up sweeping them and the third game was in Phoenix. And so the next night in about four pitchers. Got called up the next day but I plan was late. So we got in late. So the game was already started by the time we landed and made I way to the ballpark. And, and then the first thing you had to do you had to stop in and go see to general manager because you had to find big. Contracting. So out of the five I was the last one, of course. They're beating the door by the time I made it down downstairs, did give them a uniform. Find out what my locker would and all that get dressed get down to the dugout. It was already in about the third four minute. So Milwaukee was planning Yankees, who is managing the Billy Martin. What's the Yankees manager Yankees with hot at the time they was on Milwaukee's manager? Oh, my God, George Bamberger head Bambi and Yankees seven game winning streak. And they had just called Toronto. That was the year. Toronto started the season. Eleven oh. And they was going wire-to-wire and, and New York have finally caught fire and had called them in. And so it was tied for first and it was it was a good game. Game was going back and forth. And it was tied up and all of a sudden, the bottom of the ninth in and he was like a Eddie Romero a utility infielder. Remember eddie? Been leading off and Bamberg. Paldon coach. Well, listen fail to kid up there. So I ended up pinch hitting leading off the ninth off the night. Then if Eddie Romero pitch on a mile rich forty wow. Rich Suren Richard a lot of good years, the as and. The Yankees like a two one pit lied. Dr bass. And. I hit first major league baseball baseball though, flying around. I basically tell me more, what ended up having scored the winning run did you? Yes. And then I ended up I was all juiced because I wanted to steal, they ended up walking in next guy. So we I and say, and they ended up button us that third and Cooper and segment. Third and one out and seasonal Kuban ended up hitting a line drive. Slicing down the left field line and Billy sample playing left and he running over to candy. And then even if I weighed me if I kissed his ball, there's no way I'm this guy out there, be let it drop, and it landed about three fifty three feet. Fair Billy, he came flying out of the Doug. I have a foul ball volleyball of three fear. And so I ended up going to win and run. And we love Billy Martin at home. Mattis hill kicking darnold umpire and what I was used to seeing Billy on TV now I'm feeding here by trying to give me half five I'm talking. Going off kicking dirt on a bar. I couldn't believe organ ball, that much fair, no replay back. Then tiny, no replay. That's great. Ios, you remember the first time you're gonna feel. It doesn't matter how old you get. And we always ask all the players, you know that we always ask them, where were you when he got called up and it doesn't matter how old you are. You remember that moment and it was it was a great fairly, but. It was a great feeling for me. But you couldn't celebrate a whole lot because I went up to a team that was in last place by thirty five games out of firstly and they gotta win. We got to win. And then you walk into the clubhouse and guide all he's got ready to, like, oh, how many games we have Levin ready to go home? Big. Hey. Hey and you're excited because that was your first game. I hit score. Run your we're like we're wherever I go. But that's what happens and it's difficult and people don't understand that. When you're in first and second when you're battling those winds everybody's excited, but you and your last place, it's only a win. What's, what are we doing tomorrow? It's sad because those things happen. And when you're teams are, you know, scuffling and the bottom of the barrel, the you're, you're trying to get a win. It doesn't matter how what I like about the giants what they're doing is they're not mailing in, in their thirty wins right now. Thirty eight losses. They're creeping. But they got a little flow going. Now they got they got some positives going. And that's what I liked about today's game. They battle the first place team you still you still want to compete the young players. The young players this plan. They have something to prove they trying to show that they belong up here for the veterans, you want to be good leaders, in showed a young guys at eight there's no Quinton. Emmy we still fight, and then and then the way I look at it too. How many we have thirty eight laws of thirty dollars? How many teams come in first place and at the end of the season, they only have thirty eight losses only have forty losses. You're going to end up with about sixty sixty five losses. So it ain't it ain't over it ain't over till sometimes. And, you know, there's sometimes when you're in first place you're coming in gone. We're playing giants. We should roll these three and next thing you know, you lost I two now tomorrow your balance to get a win before you go home. And, and that's a long flight to Milwaukee. If you drop three of the giants now on the other side giants trying to win one because they got to go to L A and B and play them for four straight there. And that's going to be a battle right off the bat, and it had getting giants a lot of companies by going in, if they can get this win tomorrow. Sweet Milwaukee and they'd be feeling good about yourself. I would go in LA. We knew it was going to be a little heated because you have the situation with Bumgarner Muncie. So they go be a little little little tight. Get the ball on the ocean ocean. Any hasn't been serves media. A thought of news flavor. He had a they go get up to my long to say so we'll see that I've Thursday. That's going to be a rematch, if we're going to talk a little bit about Milwaukee Brewers with the beat writer, Robert Murphy, coming up on the sports leader. We'll be right back. You're listening to on the hill with vita blue and Bill Laskey sponsored by Lunardi markets with eight locations to serve you in the.

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