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You know, these things in some ways that kind of date a guidebook, but on the other hand when traveling a country like Morocco or a lot of African countries. I'd say in particular where you don't always have internet and things can get confusing very quickly. It's nice out have something right there. You know, whether it's like, a PDF, ipad or something or paper copy. You know, it's nice to have some sort of reference said. To kind of give you that that a center, you know that? So sometimes we need when we travel, you know, absolutely. I I mean, how did you end up in Morocco, e because the only thing I know about your story, and which is very little by the way, which makes us really fun for me to have this conversation, and that was really intentional because I did some research, and I looked at your website. But I'm like, I don't want to go to deep on this guy. But it sounds like you have been a lot of different places all over not. And you were living in a small village in Morocco. You said you move there in two thousand nine why did you move to a small village Morocco in two thousand nine almost made? The better question is why did I move from San Francisco in two thousand. Okay. Why did you do that? So so. Myself. I live in San Francisco have been there for a couple of years. You know, like a lot of people probably that tune in to not only this podcast that you run. But also on the location indie podcast like a lot of these other people had I just wasn't very content with my office job. You know, I was, you know, put it into kind of my nine to five didn't see myself in that office culture too much longer. And so I was looking for something else to do. And I'm doing what were you doing there? I was editing. I had a job as additive for a wire service entirely boring job that basically means I was the last line of defense and the dark arts of press releases. Tell long did you work there? Two years added tears there, and it was okay job for an office job. But that's the problem. I was still in office job. And I wanted to do something else. And I had my master's in English by then. And so I was looking at maybe ten English somewhere and originally I was looking around the US didn't even really think about going overseas at all. But the only jobs I can find in the US where out on the ocean islands in upstate New York in Watertown, just awfully eerie some community college there. And I thought man if I gotta be this remote in the US when I'd be really remote the world. And so. My surge to South Korea Thailand, this whole kind of southeast Asia, and Ana unaware kind of a plan for one job in Morocco. And keep in mind, I've never been to any displaces before United Denver minutes out these Asia. I'd never been to Africa in the Morocco job looked really interesting if you know anything about Rocco, it's it's a short flight to Europe, you know, instead to our flight into in France. And I have a lot of friends already in France and size thought. Hey, well, you know, it goes really bad. For you know for a week or two. So. Yeah. So it took a job teaching there in this little village. There's a university that happens to be a Alaw on university. And it happens to run a cut of an American style liberal arts program the link of the classes are mostly in English. And so I took a job teaching literature and composition there. And which meant basically, I had some more time to travel as well. So not only did my day to day. Life was all of a sudden became a lot more interesting than you know, hanging out in the mission at some, you know, burrito giant win. I may but. This sudden, I'm like Livingston village where I don't even know how to order instable right in extreme difference. Right. So I mean when you did you find the gig on Dave's ES L cafe or one of those type..

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