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That's 8 8 8 747 8 three three 5 8 8 8 74 steel. More subpoenas for associates of former president Trump in the investigation over the January 6th insurrection. Sources selling ABC News, though subpoenas center on how former president Trump raised money off his false election claims and how Trump associates are paying lawyers in the case, January 6th witness Cassidy Hutchinson, said that she changed lawyers because the attorney was being paid with money linked to the former president. Sources close to Donald Trump say special counsel Jack Smith has put more people before a grand jury, with more intense questioning. ABC's Andy field back in court today, the man accused in the murders of four university of Idaho students. 28 year old Brian coburger is said to be back in court on Thursday for a status conference one day after classes at the university of Idaho resumed for undergraduate students. Coburger has yet to enter a plea for the charges against him as he still waiting to learn whether prosecutors will seek the death penalty with classes restarting a university spokesman said there's a general feeling of relief now that a suspect has been arrested. Mark remould, ABC News. Tennis fans will have to wait a while to see Naomi Osaka back on the court the four time Grand Slam champion announcing she's pregnant with her first child, and a post on Instagram showing her ultrasound, Osaka says she can't wait for her kid to watch her play. She's a champion on the court, and now motherhood awaits her. This is ABC News. As a

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