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I don't WanNa name enough to myself. It was survive in New Zealand. The host matches him over the cheesy and then in the first recap. I did with the Great Zenon Henry Scranton Saliva. Yes I offer his chizzy another another yoga master yes and also seen badly. You're right saliva hates yoga re yeah so. I asked him who would get his Z. Fishy and he answered by saying this person would get three points. The second person would get points and the dog would get one point which is how we rank things like in Scorpio like an AFL rugby. That's how they do. There was at the end of the year. The UMPIRES gives three to one point to the three best players the game wow on the air. I was like that's brilliant and and I'm stealing it and I have ever since every show that I do and you know give out choosy points and then we have a leaderboard of we see who the best player is of the season mathematically semantically and I think the perfect system and now has a theme song like it's really growing on my no. One remembers handed that mad about that. I really think that in hindsight that Henry who made up that he was a yoga instructor I feel like that maybe not not the right way to go considering that survivor really seems to paint yoga and Yoga instructors in a negative light and it wasn't the right way to go reasons he he like crazy people okay so shannon. Do you have chizzy points to award for this week. No ideal oh I'm happy to do. I've got three points for Lawrence. I think she was the best player of the episode and I loved her approach. That was a really big thing for me like like we saw that the three Jamal Jack and molly we very much telling people what to do. She goes suggested and she's like. What do you think about molly? People come to our in conclusion. She totally gets credit credit for the move loved it for her and the exit interview wally said that she was closely with Janet Kelly so it seemed like it was a good social Mussa to to Chelsea Chelsea the five minute period for Chelsea to make the fire denied all those things that a key to winning modern. US Saliva. She did both in five minutes amazing and you want to Kelly L. E. Like I'm a bit you know. She shouldn't have lied but I get that she's being duped by Robin Sandra out of their boredom and production necessities the hair. I was just like it has to get a point. Give her a point yeah. Can you comment a little bit more about the hair idle Shannon that we got some questions comparing it to some some of the idol title hiding that we've seen on some of the international editions where where does it rank for you. This is the best thing I've ever seen. I I mean I right for a hand magazine. That's my nine to five right. I write about hair every day no idea yeah that'd be writing articles about the best idol hairstyles because I might it's an audience who would care about that. This is amazing. I mean for anyone who has long hair. The fact that hair could like hold the weight of the idol unbelievable she yeah. Oh my God 'cause this is one idol flowing out of your hair away from it being the best thing you've ever seen into the most embarrassing moment in the show's history right. Can you imagine if she's like. I was just so paranoid that you got. The idol falls out of a hair yeah. What did they have been in Australia survivor last year yes yes someone put the idleness shots and it came out so we voted the idle because it was like approved it. I'm highbrow stuffiness. SCALEA and it was super embarrassing. That's what I was thinking of. Also in this even restraint and survivor I wouldn't give spoilers but there was a woman who got an idol and have to come back to camp and didn't have any pockets to put it in so that was the week you on the podcast rob actually like rap didn't close aim was just holding it in her hand and you called it a lady. Lady Bulge purse this then did it again the next week like there were two lady votes passes in a season which is incredible content and it was so bad and it didn't work either time doc and at the time we were told on twitter by Von. Ah You should've put it in a hair and like this was manifested incredible. Stop so would you recommend to a woman who is going through casting testing to grow her hair out as long as possible and maybe would you suggest like taking like boss supplements like biotech inner not bio strath to try to get your hair strongest possible yes because the thing is like women don't find as many idols via in fact bold. Men are like the main demographic finding idle Italy. We win yeah. Yeah I know you. We have invited so yeah hiding it in in your hair and so should you incorporate. If you're a woman should you go to survivor with sort of like the pony tail. Look as opposed to like you wear your hair down all the time or Lincoln differ away and then also hold on. Why do you have your hair in a ponytail. That's weird yeah. Do you think that's a really good strategy. She had an abundance of other any other types of cells. Web wanted hide an idol. You what life what do. I know you could maybe braided in Bonn was best and she was already wearing one. This is just this is game changing strategy right March Simpson. I feel like often put things into her beehive. I feel like that might be be a good way to go. You have a whole bag of tricks in Washington. That's such a good thing. It's it's going to be on the CBS tribe she. She's going to cause some damage. That's on Fox. I don't know what all right let you mentioned Chelsea and she had a great episode. We saw all her did. She find the idol but you also got the fire started but Shannon. I could not notice that she says the word started in a very weird way. Play this for you yeah. I was weird that she turn would be made into his sound clips. We can overanalyze it turned into like two words. I don't know if she lose it chessy point for that the Bossio trying to stop denigrating the decorating. It's not auditory the criteria. You know that it's not I don't she may she got to. JC points. You don't give the language here. I'm sorry that I started and trump says it really weird gone avoided latest Chelsea. It's so hard to survive a player in nineteen thousand content. If you say something a little bit weird we will find it Chelsea by the way gotTa Lotta Shows Shannon. We also had our challenge this week and in addition to individual immunity the survivors were playing for a very exciting reward that they you're playing for Spices Shannon Yeah Day six. Why don't they want like fishing gear yeah. They get fish spices his let's play it may spicing though they don't have any in fee. I don't know it was a very underwhelming your well-meaning reward but I wonder what was it so underwhelming that Jeff probst himself knew that it was underwhelming welcoming and was trying to really build this up for people I you're GonNa hear Dan and then Jeff's reaction to the spicy clearly worth plant so there's a few parts of that I love. Dan Says the spices have gotten him on fire. The one thing we've learned from does not take much to get get Dan going here on survivor survivor. He's a he's on fire already from from the spices that when I heard Jeffs Jeff's wow now I audibly laugh out loud when I heard you the yet he's amazing. They're so excited about this. These people are dying. What was he doing their reaction to the spice that you should well well. I didn't think there would be any any reaction at all. I guess it's clearly worth playing for well well. This is a terrible reward. You guys have very far in the whole. This is our our easily amused. Well not take much it. You guys know this right yeah. I'm conscious. Spices is the worst REWA. I've gotten some some pushback on this because I've said this many times over the years spices is terrible and not worth playing for but now some survivors swear by no no changes when you have spices and you can put it on the rice. It's amazing but who cares yeah. I mean I haven't played but it does. I seem really bad. I mean surely you go fishing fishing constant spices right like that's the order you know what the best spice is. Shannon human human one the second-best spice the second best spice is hunger. Whatever you're eating if it doesn't taste good get hungrier and genuinely thought you're making human jerk. I wasn't humid is good but that's for these fancy pants city folk. The best spice is hunger because if it doesn't taste good go longer without eating so Dharavi Sandra gas prices because they don't have the opportunity to win. Win Rewards being fed what where like what is happening with them. We don't know Boston did seem very invested in the frying pan. Try Listening to you. We're GONNA send you about you. Come back here with all the cooking thank supplies and the cumin from your popcorn I wanted to I will say that I did see there error chickens on the island with Robert Sandra in in one of the secrets that I saw where Robin Sandra are hanging out like waking up their chickens around so I guess the Boston doesn't have to go and chase after the chickens like he did more cases that they have them. I I guess chickens to E. nazi-era proof like they could just be given sandwiches. They don't need to have live chickens there. Yeah I guess so. We are why why do Robin Sandra have to deal with the survival elements like really would make me feel better that they're not coming into the game if they were just like we we got a mini fridge. We yeah we we got to take like a Dharma. Initiative stuff being dropped opt into the island should not be bothering the tribes frying. Pan A sad state of affairs for Open Sandra. Them says the Fares Affairs also speaking of Jeff. There was a moment at the tribal council where everybody came in. I got to see Robin Urban Sandra's sneak inch and did you like that Robin Sandra sneaking onto the premises. I love every single tiny tribal box. It is ridiculous breath every every single by but is it just so. We see them like it's like Oh. There's some danger of. Shouldn't they be loaded in before the survivors get there. We need to see them walking in because otherwise mean you'll be concerned have been there for the whole day. They have air like I'm concerned for them. Do Do you think that that was just show us that how they get in there or do you think it was like sorry a busy shuttle. Sandals Daniel is going on about dogs and we were so we lost track of time sneaking into a comedian and they didn't call you out there like trying to get in five minutes late like what did we miss all right. He was gonNA blow. It was timed perfectly shadow where they had to like all right. Turn around and get your torch and then that's when Robin Sandra snuck in yeah because they're so did they get off on the thrill of sneaking incident. Maybe someone will catch them like they could be in ten minutes earlier but then like that's another boring part of their day because is exciting thing that happens in and is that someone might be like that Boston raw and it'll be like who's Boston Rob and women's friend from the Unicorn yes but I I didn't even know who it was until my friend told me like oh you mean the guy from the band survivor. Yeah I've tiger yeah. I know that no think of the band survivable the show. That's completely unreasonable. The Unicorn seem so bad. I just can't get may well. We need to know more of the details like I don't know what Walton in Goggin character is is a shut in that. He doesn't know he he may be was he frozen in ice and then he a why is he be a Unicorn. I don't really understand what what the premise of the shows anyway so that there is a a quiz another quiz that goes on trial counsel and this time. It's GonNa be for Jamal who is going to get called on in class of what how does Tribal Council Work Doc. Here's Jeff calling on Jamal part of the ritual travel council in this game fire represents your.

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