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Running like a blender, you pour all these things in a blender, and they're all separate, distinct. But if you leave that blender going, everything becomes uniforms. When the furnace motor runs more constantly. Humidity and temperature throughout the entire house ceilings, floors, sidewalls center walls. All become uniformed, and that's the objective. We also went feelings Face ceiling fans turn down this time of year. Okay. How about how about at night now, At night When I go to bed, I'll take it down to about 64 degrees. I don't need the sand running all night. No. Put it back on auto and pull the quilt up. Yes, That's exactly what one last question guys directed. Squeeze one more him. I was so I heard on the on the appliance Doctor show, um, that you should drain the water heater. Every four months. I've had mine now for five or six years. A new one about 56 years ago, I put him I've never done that once and my living dangerously. No. You know we love Dr Jill, but I got to tell you. I've got to 21 year old water heaters. I've never drained either one of them. And if you do, you could be create more problems You could be create more. Probably, uh, I'm an old guy, and I've never drained one in any my houses, and I've had a lot of them s so there's your answer. Hey, we're gonna have like We appreciate your call, buddy. We have Michael stocks call fine and just a few minutes from the home door association. In the meantime, anything electrical shock new switch Lights ceiling fan called Yeah. Standby Power upgrade in the old electrical system in these cold winter must there's one company I know I can trust That company has to be Chuck Bratcher Electric. Hmm. Mm. You know, our winter here in Detroit has been too bad. But just because we weren't buried in snow and ice doesn't mean the cold weather wasn't tough on the roof of your home, Paul W here If you think your roof may have issues that need attention, Don't put it off. Well, Victor's roofing today and scheduled your free 21 point video inspection of your roof before the spring rush hits. Their inspection includes a complete video analysis of your roof from top to bottom. Their expert roof. Technicians will also carefully examine the areas that are early indicators a roof failure and point out any issues that.

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