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The white sox opened up a four game series against the rangers on the south side with a win wgn's kevin powell shields posted season highs in innings pitched and in strikeouts the white sox rallied in the eighth to beat the rangers four two on the south side here's manager ricky rents ria the comeback wave we hung in there i mean realistically was the los gordon ball game at the end they they were able to put a a line together and keep battling shields went seven and a third struck out eight and a sox scored four runs in the eighth yom okada sparked the two outrally with a double wellington castio drove in the winning runs game twos friday night on the south side join us for the pre game with andy macer at six thirty five the first pitch at seven ten tonight with ed farmer and darren jackson on seven twenty wgn cubs braves yesterday postpone in atlanta rescheduled game for august thirtieth started series against the reds in cincinnati tonight the nhl eastern conference finals now tied up at two games apiece the tampa bay lightning beat the capitals four two in washington game five saturday at tampa bay and it'll be the us against sweden and canada against switzerland in the semifinals of the hockey world championship this saturday in denmark blackhawks patrick kane scored twice in the us win over the czech republic they beat them three two wgn traffic and esmeralda leon right now on the edens you are looking good fifteen in both directions kennedy inbound we are starting to see more delays ohio feeder to monroe three left lanes are shut down nineteen minutes right now from o'hare on the eisenhower you are clear stevenson looks good dan ryan fourteen on the outbound inbound it is about sixteen minutes merged two eighty seven three right lanes are shut down there all of that will open back up at five am on lake shore drive that's looking good bishop ford i fifty seven clear on the tolls right now three fifty five year seen some minor delays from about army trail road to saint charles road right now we're also watching in the downtown area bridge maintenance is going on on michigan avenue between wacker and illinois so that is closed until five am for personalized traffic on demand get the traffix chicago app approved by the mortgage experts of team hockberg just search t r a f f i x chicago as marley leon wgn traffic central.

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