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Your own health but indeed that of your family that of your kids so totally on board with weld county commissioner scott james when he says this is a personal decision but back to the question do these of the specter of these vaccine mandates. Just send shivers down your spine. Now you can. You can argue this. You can play devil's advocate on this because we know that vaccines are effective. But again i go to our own ability to manage our lives and the more that we invite government in. I believe the worse off. We are dumbs us down when we want the government. Oh take care of us and make all of our health care decisions and make all of our decisions for us you know. It was funny. Because i remember it was weeks ago. I found this survey now. Granted it was from across the pond. It was the study where they asked participants. If they wanted to return to their freedoms will this underscores just how much the pandemic has changed our thought processes even right here in the united states because there was a companion survey done as well that found the same result in which many people said. No no we had too much freedom in the past and we we need to be controlled really absolutely terrifying your thoughts this morning. Nine seven three five three thirteen ten. Drop me a text under thirteen. Ten at a text line at seven thirty. A big surprise on second quarter economic growth and the fed says. It's going to keep doing what it's doing. Isn't that definition of insanity and expect a different result keith..

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