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Okay Georgetown, looting, Tom you're getting your little free advertising. Here Tom's the, concessionary that, runs, the Georgetown loop is a great guy In the first hour I was talking about the black community and racism in America And somebody oh hell's bells let me just pull it up Rather than try to Houston to me right Angie Where was that. On we'll just hold on, hold. On Rich rich since. The following Email Michael on behalf of. All native Americans I am offended by your. Georgetown loop commercial advertising engines on display is highly. Insensitive signed some white guy? In then our messaging? Services would you like. A reply No So I never thought about, it but he's right the the script for the Georgetown loop railroad says they'll have a few engines on display at the silver plume train, yard Now was up there, Sunday and I didn't see any engines well I'm part engine so now never, be able, to read this this copy again without. Laughing every time I say there'll, be some they'll be a few engines on display because in my head I'll be picturing you know chief up there with his headdress on Tom to, let me dress up as chief woman I'll I'll show up in a dress He I'm hi. Ana Hi. On life tonight High on life You know that you got a good job when you love coming to work And when your coworker your producer. Angie the producer when I say, man I got a pit, in my stomach I just need something to eat and she brings me statues and she brings me a Cup with the stash shows in one, Cup and a, second Cup to put in the shells to which I say wait a minute I got the trash, can right here I could just almost shoulder like other people in the studio have been known to do, just the other trash over their shoulder and Like this And you Floor Forever Oh. Man oh man Today for a fee you can purchase one of the most dangerous books known. To man. On, Amazon I looked it up for three dollars You can buy Karl Marx's communist manifesto a book that indirectly led to the deaths of. Upwards of one hundred million people worldwide You could also purchase a copy of the US army improvised munitions in book. Now the description for that says step, by step instructions on how to assemble weapons and explosives from common and readily available materials Max McGuire writes, seeing this precedent I up loaded a three d printable gun file to Amazon as a book I don't know maximum Aguire but, I like maxim Aguire you may recall the late July, a federal judge signed. Off on a temporary restraining order banning all Americans from sharing the defense distributed Remember him his three d three d gun designed files, online the Washington state. Attorney general's office is arguing, in court that it is. Quote highly questionable whether files it, instructor three d. printer to produce a gun at the, push of a button protected speech at all You're right Have you Ever really studied three d. guns and. Their efficacy Have you studied the price of the appropriate type of three d. printer? You would need, to produce a three d gun and of course then you still. Need metal parts to hold the plastic parts together but I digress a little bit Angie Never. Mind I'm the, order the US I. Think I used to have this book it may be down the undisclosed location. Somewhere the. US army improvised munitions handbook Step by step. Guide on how to assemble weapons and explosives from common and readily available materials Do you think that that should be taken off Amazon Yeah me either Why is? The communist manifesto they're teaching Rugrats how to become, little commies actually they don't need to go to Amazon. To do that they can just let their teachers teach them how. To, do that So computer code is Being. Subject to prior restraint It's a fancy term in, first amendment law that says wait, a minute before you speak we're gonna stop you from speaking Golden blind you Have these other, things on. There I need to see if my subscription. To inspire magazine Al Qaeda magazine. I think it may have expired I may need to renew my. Ex my mic expired inspired magazine You here's my take Take this I don't think that we as, a nation Can actually live in liberty anymore It is work It is difficult to live in. A free nation It's so much easier if you're so inclined I'm not so. Inclined and, I don't think most of you are in fact I don't think any of you listen to this audience are For most people. Being told, what to do to go what to think how to act It's just so much easier you don't have to make decisions you'll have to run the risk that you might offend somebody I had lunch today with somebody They, happened, to be, an avid listener Russian say. Avid but. They are a listener the program They grew up in, a, home that, was shall we say right, of center We started talking about how it really used. For a lot of people it is hard, to live in a free society It would just be easier if the government just told you what to do where to. Go what how to think what how act that Kind of do that, now but in, a, more controlled environment, where, everything is regimented You just you know collect. Groundhog day you just, get up everyday and do the same thing and. Your automobile you're just you're, mind controlled robot governed by the government so much easier Interestingly though when, you go to people that live in Toronto local They've had even a little taste of, freedom Clamor for that Why is it that we ostensibly live in freedom clamor all the time for more government control I just don't get you're listening to the Michael Brown show Epic accent.

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