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I don't think that that's credible. I think that he was her employer and she was under contract to him. And she had to do what he said. But that she didn't like him very much at all. Was he always a jerk? Just to take this. One of the one of the lessons. We learn from Karina Longworth new book seduction sex stardom and Howard Hughes. Hollywood, isn't it turns out Howard? Maybe it wasn't a great guy overall. But was that always the case, I think there were signs that he was always extremely manipulative. And he was never interested in taking no for an answer. And he was never interested in being denied anything. And so when he didn't like situation, he would do whatever he could to get out of it. And if he didn't like the way somebody was treating him or wanted something from that person. He would do what he needs to do to get those things what's an example of his relatively early life. Well, he found it necessary to marry before he moved to Los Angeles. And the the reasoning behind this seems to be that as part of his goal of getting full control over his family's company. He needed to convince them that he was a serious adult man and serious adult men Mary. And so he married a girl, you know, who he apparently had had some kind of childhood crush on. She wasn't interested. She was convinced by her family that she should marry this guy who had a lot of money, and who would take care of her, and you know, on paper he seemed like he would be a good husband. He was young and handsome, and he had a lot of money. And then basically as soon as he got what he wanted from that situation and the two of them were in Los Angeles. He just ignored her. He spent no time performing the functions of a husband and any kind of traditional way and after a few years, she just got fed up and left which was what he wanted more with Karina Longworth after a quick break. When we come back. She'll tell me whether or not writing the book changed her perception of Howard Hughes. It's bullseye for maximum, fun dot org and NPR. I'm bailiff.

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