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About like what was what was great. Win that of twenty seventeen regular season. Yeah regular season to the giants game. Where was it over. Time or regulation rate would have gone into overtime physically. It didn't make a sixty one. Yarder men are sixty three. I can't remember now Also eagles played the panthers on thursday night football that year. I was like a really big like this is like a while. Eagles are like good. Because they're getting screwed by the rest in that game like like just really in a big way and they still like. This'll beat the panthers was awesome win. So yeah that game like again. It just seems like a blip on the radar to me in hindsight to it. Wasn't it was nicer. Beaten the cowboys. I remember specifically Like they're getting deduct all game long at the box score here. They sacked him four times. I know i think. Dark arnett strips actum brennan. Graham had a really big on at one point. Dak threw three interceptions in that game so it was fun to beat up on the cowboys. But it wasn't like you know Anything this it was like. Oh this triumphant win. It's like one of our best wins. It was just a really nice win. but it was almost easy to take for granted because of how awesome everything was going on in that season. That's fair. I'm gonna try to get yours. So are you ready for this. Because i i have. I have like what was going to be my guest. And then i adjusted it so my gas was going to be a twenty fourteen. Second meeting between the two teams. When dez bossed are moss rather nolan kale for three touchdowns. But then i thought about and i was like biaggi was probably not that committed to the at that point because mark sanchez was starting like he. He wasn't emotionally invested. He knew that you know the eagles around borrowed time. So my actual guests is the two thousand and sixteen match up on october thirtieth the first deck whence game. That went to overtime. Because i can only imagine that you were just in pieces after dak. Prescott hit slow mo jason witten in the end zone completely by himself for the game winning touchdown over so i thought about both of those. It's not my pick. Oh i'm so happy that there are multiple options for you to consider that we're devastating losses. Well i think again. The team thing like it couldn't have been super devastating with the sanchez. Context deals weren't really going to do anything year the long term anyway. It was devastating. I would say that was the most devastating at the link that i can remember in high point because remember. There was a lot of energy and excitement and giant going on. That's between dez. I think malcolm jenkins and you'll see down in that game. And then he came back for a little bit too and it was like until there's life in the link and then it just ended really badly. Because there's not only burning known. Carol but bradley fletcher as well So but i wouldn't say that. And i was considering two thousand sixteen and i did want to talk about that game because this whole narrative speaking of narratives here that like all dax superclubs something that people really forget in that game in two thousand sixteen is that dak prescott through a sore interception till yoda's mckelvin any just dropped it. You just dropped it. He's he was a sure pick. He dropped the ball like it couldn't have been any more simple. And then like that gets glossed over because they won over time which is fine. They won in the end. I get it but like don't act like us invaluable. I'm not saying you are to be clear here. That has become this. Like you know franchise. Qb god that people rely on like you know what i mean like that has that has evolved over time. But it certainly wasn't the case at that time. And i think something people also forget about that game and the wind and everything wouldn't have happened. If not for the chris jones. Fake punt that jason garrett called i mean jason garrett was a much more aggressive head coach in that time and there was an incredible. Nfl films clip. I forget which to eagles defenders and they were like they were coming to the bench. They're putting their helmets down. And then like in the background. You can see chris jones scampering for the first down they just turn around like aw crap like we gotta go back out there like. It's it's those little weird things that made that game what it was. It wasn't to your point dak just but that game did go along way. At establishing the deck is better than wentz narrative. I will say though like that game. I legitimately felt like the eagles were the better team in that game. I know there's another model store didn't reflect that that's not always the case. Not every every loss. I always feel that way that game specifically i felt like they outplayed. The cowboys in lake. Deserved to win that game. So that's why that one did hurt but it's not that one for me. It is the twenty eighteen clear recovery game because that is that was the biggest joke i've ever seen and you had. You cannot tell me that that was not an eagles like it makes no sense. Watch that play again. The rep said no clear recovery. Which isn't even the basis of the rule by the way even if that is your like determination that's not what needs to be decided for us to recover that ball if you look at the rule it says if there's no clear recovery but like there's a body of only players from our pile of team players only one team around the ball then. That team gets the ball like common sense and it was so obvious and like it was such a gut punch from the jump like he didn't feel like a fair game from the jump because the eagles had this big emotional play that would set them up in scoring territory from the job and taking out the cowboys i chance to score which is like this huge swing in a game. That went to overtime. Mind you like. That was an obvious. Screw job that one really sucked and So hold on..

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