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Me a dollar you know. One hundred percent Margaret And so people get into financial trouble relatively quickly in there because the markups so crazy so I mean loansharking air and it was a cycle so to sail blocks misery performance story. I block in Sabe Lot art and they received their money or offsetting weeks so I was able to circulate cast light consistently both ways because when I get his money alone that also J. blocking in you got to pay me back and then I was set up these stores in each unit and I was just how secure myself you know and then we also everything I worked in a recreation center. You wanted to come up and just get out of your cell like there was a cost of that. You know three hours a week I can get you out. Can be a referee. Even though you may not know nothing about sports or you can come clean up the wait period or whatever advocates may be. You need to come up and do your laundry cost you a dollar. So is everything was like hustling all those skills said she just developed like they're really beneficial when you get out. Entrepreneurship is probably the best path for people getting out of prison. Because it's hard to find employment. Yeah put on want to hire you. You have a felony. You go through everything you can think gov constant rejections people are just afraid. You notice the stereotype around people. Getting out of prison is really negative. And people. Don't think that there are people who just really WanNa come home and live with drug-free crown for life and get an opportunity and fortunately there's organizations that's helping with it now. I know that when you were in solitaire you decided to treat it like university university absolutely that makes sense but must have been kind of hard to do because it requires you thinking about okay. I'm in here now. I can't resist it anymore. I've gotta learn what to do and move Ford and then like you said paroled after nineteen years going into prison as a teenager and then coming out basically my age now. What were some of the biggest changes in society that everything right in the world has changed man like I came home in Greenwich like you know? I came home with an advantage that that a lot of people coming home don't have like highly literate. I'm super curious about life in the world. I'm well read. I love to read. I devour magazines. I was learning about all these things but hadn't not interfaced with him. It was just like the most mind blowing thing that come home like get in the car. The car like talks. I'm Camila when I went to the prison. Only car to talk kit from the night writer so I remember just sit in the car and the car just said some and I was like who who else is in here with us like what the hell is happening happening right navigation systems like you know. I remember like run of the slide. You WanNa get somewhere you like. Look make three less right. Here is the third house from the House with broken condone. Since you know and you're at the destination so coming out and technology was just mind brought to me I pay skype was the thing I got. Yeah and I remember the first time and people were like skype in and I'm like this on the jetsons you know and now it's such a part of life so that was crazy relationships. You know I was In a relationship with my son's mother before I got out of prison and when I came home like that relationship derail so quick and it was for a few reasons right okay. Part of it was just. I'm like a bull in China shop. At this point on the Free Kincannon navigate the world with other parties that had no relationship experience you know. And that's that's something that we didn't really account for like you know she was like Kylo I can is one lane of light. Man is home so she kind of riding the highway. Love so to speak. And I'm like six lanes and I'm trying to reconnect with family and China established release reconnect with my children. Find employment run a business. Cheese aren't technology Z.. Learn how to just be you know and like all those things were always at work in my mind is so you know. There's a lot to get out. You know it's a lot to re acclimate it yourself to life on outside being around groups of people you know you get out anybody wants to drag you everywhere. Check him over here and come meet this person in you missed grandbabies when he was gone on. You know when you when you were way and all this wonderful in his necessarily but it has to be pasted away to honor our experience you know. My experience was real like in crowds. The people people got stabbed or blends hidden head or strangled or whatever the case may be so it wasn't easy. Just go on and sitting somewhere around. A bunch of people are making choices. Like my first couple years I ate mostly like wing dings in hamburgers. 'cause stuff that I was millionaire I mean I would look at a menu and get overwhelmed like Jota too many things going on. What are these words yes? They'll do that when I look at what a wings at this runaways and fries cool because of how many choices it is to make we know. Is this like coming home. I got excited by like being able to buy my own sneakers and like being able to have a choice in what I worked at. I went so many years without a choice Gerald era so is this a lot man in. I mean I'm still unpacking. I'm coming up on Saint Years Zone. I'll be celebrating my Cynthia freedom and graduation. Thank you dislike. This dislike. A lot has changed in my life out here. I'm still learning a lot about life in learning about what already one of my life still unpacking that experience you know. Oh so I'm in the process of like finding the right therapists for me. So he's really unpack a lot of things and I mean I've done like cell therapy for so long to writing writing the medium of storytelling in you know journaling. Meditation has been Super Therapeutic but also realized point my life where. There's so many things I experienced in prison the most people that I didn't even talk about in the book because it was just like that. How run this and unloaded? I'll have to unpack all that. You know to be the full version of myself. Yeah I know in the book you'd said Ed prison reinforces everything negative that you know about yourself. Can you speak to that a little bit is that had to be. You know that when you got out right yeah I mean I had the rebooted before I got Out a very volatile environment. So hierarchy based on violence and hustling culture. And things like that. So reinforces all the negative things that you know. You grew up in the hood experiencing and recognized as having value. I Soon Hood Hustler the drug dealer shooter by all those guys have real value. Al You with her then. You're validated in the hood in ways. That people don't often time lights acknowledged. But there's a credibility to be like a hood celebrity in hood star it so wrestling thing translation. The prison like beauty prison yard balls all the things that come with that are celebrated in an environment so for me I had a kind of rewire my thinking in mm. It happened like when I got this letter from my son and his mother had told him I was in prison and reading that letter from his is through his lens as a little boy. It was GONNA grow up to look up to his father as prison yard gone. A convicted murderer dad was devastating into think. That's how my son was going to see me and I'm new at that pointed. I really had to change some things in my life and in order to do that I had to really examine my life an honest way so I begin to actually figure out. How did I go want you WANNA be a doctor to serving almost promise years in prison in that process of journals? Allow me to unpack all the things really stand in Maastricht as a person as a leader leader and so when I got out of solitary and I had turned my life's who are different productive outputs being able to talk to men who respect to me from the prior associations about where I was heading in life and they encouraged was like man is it takes a lot of courage to like walk a different path. You know but if if anybody can do it you can too this guy still write me from prison and tell me how proud of who I am today and how true to my word dog been you know which is equally credible in St. Coaching prison. Kosher is actually being a Mattia word and so out of all accomplishments. I think that's really important important. Some years no one that I stuck to what I said I was coming here to do shock and thank you so much man this from.

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