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Right s literally. Yeah, get involved. All right, kids moving on to number five centers of sharks. Yeah, the NHL's rolling again, Uh, structure of ST Louis Yesterday they had a lead at 1.2 Nothing. Then they had another 32 lead against the ST Louis Blues, but they couldn't hold on in the final period. They coughed up. Excuse me. Ah, couple of third period goals. They wind up taking the 54 lost. Logan Couture had a couple of goals and assists. San Jose's long opening season season opening road trip. Excuse me stays in ST Louis. They're gonna do another one tomorrow night against the ST Louis Blues and, Ah little sound little gold package for you from the Sharks at 26 in the short season last year, they scar Deflection in the slot. I believe it's Kevin Will bank and the sharks take a one Nothing lead. It's burns again. Creeps down. The board gets it into hurdle. And they scar Logan can sure beautiful puck movement on the power play makes it too nothing. Caine. He's got majorities got burns on. He's gotta go, friend. Turner's goes upstairs a power play goal to make it three to their shit. That'll get to the side. They score, Logan can sure and we're tied for four. Like they're already on their but totally always good to hear the sharks have to get a little gold package there from Coach. Good work again. Sharks off today they go against Blues again tomorrow. Murph number four, ramping up now for the FC and NFC championship Games on Sunday, all eyes really all eyes on Casey quarterback Patrick Mahomes. And his status in the concussion. Protocol. Chief coach Andy Reid declined to speculate on whether Mahomes will be clear to me is really impossible to you. You just don't know. Also, the NFL announced there will be no annual combine in Indianapolis. Because of the covert protocol, obviously, but let's go back. We've got a We've got some sound here from Reed because of the protocol. We are. It's a no brainer from the coaches family. You don't have to think about it. You just have to go forward and make sure you have an answer. If he's there and answer it is not there. I can't tell you medical standpoint. Where is that? I mean, I don't know that. So that's their decision was following. Yeah, it's such a weird sound like an inexact science. I mean, everybody responds differently, and this just happened to Years ago. But Merck judging, you know, judging by the House just simply how he looked on the field after.

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