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We went public i mean we knew from the beginning we could not go public unless we had we were extremely confident that we had the support among all of our colleagues and when we went public it took us less than a week to have signed cards from eighty five percent of our colleagues so that is an enormous statement and i'm sure trunk took notice of that and that's that's unequivocal we all knew that this was the way to affect positive changes in our newsroom and that was less than a month ago so a month later we have you know formal union recognition we're expecting that the national labor relations board is going to certify us within the next few days and yeah it was not a bidder it was not a protracted process at all but i think that is in part because that's a testament to all the work that we did behind the scenes that's a testament to all of the commodity that we form among us and that we really all came together as a group and got on board and we agreed that this was the right way to go and we made trunk take notice of us heidi there was some on social media especially some of your colleagues were very emotional this has been an emotional process hasn't it yeah i was really touched by something that mary should meet tweeted last night she said in her thirty three years of the tribune she's never felt prouder at this is someone who's won a pulitzer i mean to to feel more proud last night than on the day that you find out you've won the highest honor in journalism says quite a bit that that certainly brought a tear to my eye people do feel emotional about it people feel optimistic in a way that they we haven't felt in a decade or more frankly i've been here since ninety eight it felt like a different place to walk into twenty years ago than it does now just because of the winds of change of you know affected the entire industry just various owners and you know changing business model and all that kind of stuff but i think we feel now like we have a voice in.

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