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I repeat not sound like a good idea to me. It is not sound like they've learned their lesson like their belief is we were good. The problem is just that we didn't like kyri. No. You had some kind of structural flaws with your team, even if guys did like hiree like all that stuff was there and in place and Boston's playing the game. Now we're everything, basically everything has used carries fault. It was all guy. Reads fall, and I do believe a lot of it probably was on kyri. And I do believe a lot of those guys didn't enjoy kyri being there. But, you know, we're talking about car rita's talking about kyri makes you not talk about Gordon Hayward. Easy. This where I think it was Jackie MacMullan attack me by live with career. But I think Jackie MacMullan mentioned this that one of the problems, they had in Boston is that they forced Gordon Hayward back. And so you got these Catholic Tatum Brown, who had done so well, last year without Gordon Hayward and for what it's worth did very well with Kyrie Irving, but Kyrie Irving wouldn't take minutes away from them. And so these cats feel like Gordon Hayward is not playing well enough. He should not be on the floor enders shoehorn them into the lineup. Now, part of that I would assume has to do with the fact that they're paying Gordon Hayward a gazillion dollars in your going to play. If you make that much money and don't think for second that the Celtics when they sign Gordon Hayward didn't consider the possibility that his presence would help them. Still tickets Red Auerbach would have thought of that, just so, you know, anyway, so they're forcing Gordon Hayward into this. It is college coach. Right. So the coach is his college coach that's pushing them through there and who knows what those guys think about Danny aimed at this point. And Danny aimed is pushing this probably also. At least I bet that's what their perception is. How do they go handle that next year? What do you think was worse for morale Carribean a jerk or the other players filling as though, someone who did not deserve minutes was the one who was getting them and it wasn't just minutes who's also like disaster turns? Yes. My Jackie said that they were forcing him the ball to. So if you like for Celtics fans, you know, I'm sorry, but not really sorry if you think you got really your problems by letting Carey walk at town. It ain't no Rieti. Yeah. There's a reason why Horford one in our that, that to me is the most stinging indictment and understand apparently Horford. Horford's gonna get an offer that the Celtics are unwilling to match, but I mean, what are they talking about Dallas Horford?.

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