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I'm filling in for you. My name is carissa Harrison, go ahead and follow me on Twitter at C dot Harrison. So we're wrapping this up. We are putting quarterbacks into tears. There's a website that circulating the internet. It's called tier maker dot com. People are putting everything in tears, Drake albums. Jay Z albums will Ferrell movies, whatever you can name. They're putting them in years. So I decided the puck NFL quarterbacks in its here's I want to reset the list in case, you haven't heard it. So far just tuning in for the first time. We're taking your calls. Do you want to argue eight five five two one two four two two seven. We got Nick. And Liam on the line. We'll take their call here momentarily. We could take yours you can call up, so this tears, I put them in. I have my waiting to see here. Sam darnold. Lamar jackson. Jimmy Garoppolo Josh Allen. I don't think we have enough information on those quarterbacks shit. Jimmy Garoppolo made sense starts Josh Allen careers been a little bit incomplete. So far Lamar Jackson. He didn't start until the second half of the season. Darnell was a rookie showed some promise. But just wasn't given the tools to be successful last year. Some taking a wait-and-see approach with them. Not putting them in any tier? I have my give up and move on here. James Winston, Marcus mariota. Derek carr. Both the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Tennessee titans are in the situation with the fifth year option on their quarterbacks that this year, they gotta make a decision on what they wanna do. I will give up on them. I don't think James is going to evolve into a high level starting quarterback. I don't think Marcus mariota is ever going to stay healthy enough to be a high level quarterback. I think there are cars been completely different post injury. We'll see this season with their car. But the way looking right now, I would give up start over and go get me a different quarterback on a rookie cost control deal. I have my they are what they are list. Kirk cousins Cam Newton, Matt Stafford. Andy Dalton ally. Meaning Joe flacco Ryan Fitzpatrick. Now, there's a wide range in this group. Kirk cousins is a much better quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. But this point they just you know, what they are like this season hasn't happened yet. I can tell you what's going to happen with Kirk cousins this season hasn't happened yet. But I can tell you what's going to happen when mass Stafford Dalton is I know of flack was no arrive. Fitzpatrick is these quarterbacks there's just a clear and defined ceiling on what they're going to be the season. And it's it's very results. I have my good. But clearly need help to your Dak Prescott Mitch Trubisky and Nick foles, and I was very shaky on foles. I think capable I think that also needy. I think Dak needs Zeke Elliott, I think he needs Amari Cooper. I think he needs that defense. Jack is very team dependent same thing for Mitchell Trubisky. I think the bears had a top five roster last year in the NFL famish Robiskie quarterback. Now can't take that. Next step elevate, his play to get them to where they want to go. He's in the good, but clearly need help category to me. And he's training in the Rican know what they are. But he's still young autumn sometime. I am I potentially next to your Baker Mayfield. Jared Goff Watson Carson wins the same way that I think we saw it was Brady at the top. But then there was that next year. Really good quarterbacks. That's what I think this year can be I think Baker can be a star. I think Jerry golf can put up huge numbers as long as he stays in Los Angeles with McVeigh. I liked to Shawn Watson a lot. When Carson Wentz healthy. He's a fantastic quarterback. But he's got to stay healthy. That's not potentially next up to your. I've got my not a leap playing on a high level rivers Rothlisberger. And Matt Ryan guys that are thirty four thirty five years old still planning a high level not elite quarterbacks anymore, but more than capable. And then I have my league group Hatcher Mahomes. Drew Brees, Tom Brady, air Rogers. Russell Wilson Andrew luck. I think those are the six best quarterbacks in the NFL. And I think that Brady's probably not a top six quarterback in the NFL. But it's Tom Brady. Tom Brady coming after me patriots nation coming after me all the respect of the world for Brady we've kicked enough dirt we've kicked enough dirt on to the grave of the New England Patriots. And they've crawled up out of it. Like undertaker wrestlemainia that I'm willing to keep Brady in that elite category until Brady says and I'm done playing football. Let's go to the phone line. Nick your first up. Go ahead, man. Okay. Well, my my only comment on Tom Brady is a patriots fan is that you know, to those who say he's no longer Elise or isn't elite. Or I understand all the haters hate him to buy wasn't a patriots fan. I'd hate the patriots. I admit it. But but is there any quarterback currently playing and and frankly darn few in the past who you'd rather have marching you're leading our team down the field. The last two minutes of a game. When you have to score the go ahead. Touchdown. Is there anybody in the game today had rather have than Tom Brady doing that? I think the answer is absolutely not. No, I agree with you Nick from New Hampshire. Good phone call. I mean, that's why I have Brady soon as list. I don't think I don't think that you can argue that Brady from talent standpoint is one of the five best quarterbacks in the NFL. But if I got a third and ten if I got a third and nine, and I need a first down Brady is automatic as anybody currently in the game in Nick put I think he is as qualified as any quarterback in the history of the NFL. He's the best quarterback of all time. But there's some things we can't argue anymore. The in the NFL and Brady's greatness is not something I'm willing. Argue the moment that they came back from twenty eight to three against the Atlanta Falcons, and they came back and Brady and James white. Brought them back in this Brady's the goat. I Val at the altar of Tom Brady. It's over. There's nothing else to debate. There's nothing to argue Brady's the greatest of all time. Let's go back to the phone lines. Liam in Chicago you called up. Go ahead. Hey, man, what's going on? Two things real quick first thing about Pat Mahomes. Yeah. I definitely agree. Like you can't put him at anything less than elite. But also consider. It's only been one season. He really really good production. But to quarterback also had insane productions and probably would have been in coming into their second year Dak Prescott Nick foles. Are you know, have regrets immensely from that elite level and then second being from Chicago huge Mitch fan? I agree with you about him being very good. But clearly need help. But out of quarterbacks in the NFL. I think he has probably the most help with Nagy offense of coach and best defense in the NFL. So your take on expectations for him or his potential ceiling. No, I appreciate the phone call. Thanks a lot for calling. Sure Bisky is like an odd. Duck to me. I don't know if I think I don't think he has the most weapons in the NFL. But I understand what you're talking about. Like he's around a really good structure. This is like a really telling ear to me, which risky. Defense is still good. He's on the rookie contract. Can you take the next step forward? The Packers has got a new coach. I think we kind of know what Kirk cousins is at this point. I don't think the lions are threat. You should win that division. What's going to happen last year? Twenty four touchdown passes twelve interceptions. Took a big jumping completion percentage to sixty six percent. Mitch put together a really good season. But I also think we can agree or identify that Mitch was a little bit of a handcuff a little bit of shackle for why that team didn't go further in the playoffs last year. If you argue that Chicago was the best team in the NFC. I couldn't really argue with you aside from the quarterback position. I think they have just about everything else. Maybe you could get a couple more skill position guys. But for the most part that's team that you think you can do something with and we talk a lot about Cody parkey, Cody park. You certainly a reason why they lost that game. Mitch one great in that game. Either. Mitch certainly could've played better. He coulda gave you a little bit more than what he gave you in that game. So let's see what happens with him only scored fifteen points. Mitch put up. Okay. Number had three hundred yards. That's like what does that matter at this point? Only had one touchdown only scored fifteen points. You are home should have won that game. Let's see if they can take the next step, and let's see Mitch evolve. And let's see if he can be a guy that throws four four thousand yards thirty five touchdown passes and get that team over the hump because I will put the bears in a category of teams that I wouldn't put them in that tier one team. But certainly to your team that could win the Super Bowl. Let's go down to Houston. Jerrell you call and go ahead. Hello. How are you doing always happy to speak with you? I'm always confused by the term greatness. And by the way, watching his quarterback. We believe he lead us to a championship. We believe that here Houston of our quarterback. So no matter where he rated we believe that the thing that never came quite understand is when Michael Jordan about greatness, he said, I'm not going to disrespect the players who came before me by saying that I am the greatest and when we say Tom Brady is degraded. We judge him by Super Bowl just before Tom Brady plays in a different generation different rooms different fields. So if you never saw the players who came Johnny United in those sunny before him to say, he's the greatest I would say he's a very very good quarterback. But to say he's the greatest disrespect to the players who played for him because they played on the. Dishes that a different than the players playing today. And that's the only thing I have to say when you say no questions asked that's being unfair to my generation of football players to say where this this guy is better than all quarterbacks who play before them simply because he's one Super Bowl. Hey, really quick. I let me ask you this. Because I certainly understand that you point that you're making that it's difficult to compare eras times in the rules change, my argument for Brady necessarily isn't a physical talent standpoint. Because I believe that Peyton Manning was a better quarterback Tom Brady, if we're talking about like throwing of the football on Phil general and all that my argument for Brady is Brady has the best resume that any NFL quarterback has ever had six Super Bowls nine appearances, forcible MVP's won MVP three times four times. Fourteen time pro bowler, all the AFC games. I think that. Ladies accolades, are the greatest we've ever seen in that makes him the greatest quarterback of all time. In my opinion, downing United's greatest quarterback it because he didn't play on perfect..

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