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Who runs the upper house of her name but she pollution Nazi Pelosi she was non-state and those words are steets in a particular type of understanding about womanhood and women's purity, and I don't think he is able to argue outside of those grounds so. I'm I'm very hopeful that she's going to invigorate the campaign because let's face it. She's the most interesting thing that's happened to the campaign since the campaign began and I think she there is potential there to have a a a woman you know in a hugely position Anita. She's a black woman and that to me is something important for someone like myself with my children to look up to to see that. There is change coming even though it's very slow in my opinion on it say-so. There is change coming any as positive to see her in that place play people like can be baited seen a got one in net in in positions of power. So well, done well done to her Bohdan. No Keith says. WHOA. Is Visiting Norwich today. So he's any females away from me at the moment. What is your favorite logo and why would a strange question? I saw that question and I was trying to think about what my favorite logo is. I don't have a favorite logo, but I always liked things that have hand holding because like when you see those signs for like. And different hands holding together in a circle tyco me we'll just gets alone. Hushed. Marketing. Hashtag thoughts greeting already. I like things that have hands because I think there's something about Hans linking together an is. So is so anything with hands and is in it on. Those of my favorite liquors, but I can't think of any. Oversee the full of many locos my favorite one quite clearly. I got so much flack on my twitter. I have I D rather than the picture of me and he wants to me on twitter. People were saying, well, how vein of you to have your logo designed just copied one direction and I said I had that before one direction even ever thought of and it wasn't..

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