Talking About Vaccines with Dr. Paul Offit:

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Since. The genetic sequence for the corona virus was first made public in January scientists worldwide have been working on developing a vaccine never before in history has it taken less than several years for new vaccine to be produced Dr Anthony Fauci says a covert inoculation could be available to the public as soon as next January and this emphasis on speed has some people worried that politicians are pressuring scientists to cut corners but other people just want to know how soon they can get in line. So where do you stand? People are being asked, would you get a cova backseat or said another way? Would you get a theoretical covid nineteen vaccine because there is no cove in nineteen vaccine that's Dr, Paul off it off it is the director of the vaccine, Education Center at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. He was also co inventor of a rotavirus vaccine and serves on the Vaccine Advisory Committee for the FDA if you ask. Me That question if you said would I get a covid nineteen vaccine my answer to that would be not until I see the data let me see whether or not my group is represented there whatever it is whether it's African American or Latino or obese or a healthcare worker or someone over sixty five you wanna see that your group is represented in the safety data and the efficacy data. But Paul says that data may not come for months and when it does start to trickle in, don't expect certainty instead assume that you'll have to make educated guesses. Medical products not do I know everything and the questions. Do you know enough to say that the benefits of this particular product way? It's a radical risks I mean, do you know enough to say that? Sometimes, there's unpleasant surprises but that's The nature of medical breakthroughs there's always learning her.

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