Trump and Biden's Diverging Visions for American Foreign Policy

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In our ongoing election coverage were taking a deep look at how president trump and democratic. Presidential nominee Joe Biden differ on major policy issues. Today, we're going examine foreign affairs mark. Stewart spoke with the journals national, security reporter Warren Strobel. A lot of attention in recent days to the Middle East obviously president trump is touting success with peace accords with Israel. Let's talk about the trump approach versus the biden approach. Yeah I mean in the waning weeks of the campaign here Mr Trump has secured really historic agreements from the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain to make peace with Israel and recognize it diplomatically big achievement. No. Matter how you count it. I think most people would agree but there are fundamental differences between the Republican Democratic candidates particularly when it comes to Saudi Arabia Mr Biden has said that he would review relations with Saudi Arabia, which is probably the most important US ally in the Middle East that he would consider stopping arms sales he's been very critical of their killing of the journalist dissident. Jamal Kashogi Mr Trump on the other hand has declined to put pressure on Saudi Arabia. Really. In any significant way he sort of dismissed defining by the CIA that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman probably ordered the killing of Mr. Kashogi and he has vetoed congressional moves to limit arms sales to Riyadh. Saudi Arabia obviously issues in the Middle East but also Iran. Let's talk about the different approaches there. Yeah. Here again, that's quite a stark difference Mr Trump. Two thousand seventeen withdrew from the Iran nuclear accord known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on. He has launched a campaign of maximum pressure designed to limit Iran's ability to cause trouble in the region and try to force it back into talks. He's also by the way in recent days Mr Trump has said get reelected around will come to the table and we can make a deal real quickly. Mr Biden has said he would go back into the nuclear agreement. He would get the United States back into that agreement if Iran also returns to compliance. So again, Joe Biden is tough on Iran but he is much more. I think looking at diplomatic track to try and halt their nuclear program. Another region of interest is certainly Europe. Obviously there are economic issues, their political as well as military issues. When we look at Europe, how big of a role does the relationship with NATO play in this discussion? You know I think it plays a significant role. NATO's the probably the most important and one of the longest standing alliances that the United States has. Important economically in terms of the trade between the United States and Europe, and important strategically given its role in sort of countering Russia Russia intervention in places like Ukraine Belarus. Again there's differences here though Mr Trump has been pretty critical of NATO. He demanded that all the countries live up to. A promise they made to spend two percent of their GDP. Self. Defense, and there have been rumors that he might withdraw from NATO entirely or want to. This is Chris from Mr Biden who again stressing the importance of good alliances with Europe and other parts of the world. You. Briefly mentioned Russia, where are the distinctions in viewpoint and policy between the two candidates? That's a good question. I think the trump administration has been in terms of my reporting and analysis sort of a weird bee's when it comes to Russia Mr Trump himself. No has been quite friendly with and trying to strike a good relationship with Vladimir Putin, but the people in the middle and. Upper levels of US government agencies are taking much more dim view, Mr Putin, and actually you know the US has done a lot of sanctions and other actions against Putin during Mr Trump's terms. So there's sort of a kind of a bipolar aspect to his administration's dealings with Russia Mr. Biden. I think has been more critical. Putin personally and has said he would stand up to Mr Putin on things such as election interference the Russian incursion into Ukraine and other things like that.

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