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Reason through over sixty minutes of west Palm greatest what is that a nine and and again we think the odds are that we're gonna find Franklin asco beach gardens I get I get a hundred percent yes he's going to college is this Frank yeah Frank you know what we got for you five hundred dollars we have for you you know what you don't have to pay off bills Frankie can like you know do anything you want to put a down payment on a cruise or something so congratulations and thanks for playing along with his buddy thank you very much small beautiful it's good to hear axle if we're gonna call it another name coming up in just a little while at eleven twenty that'll be with trees using Georgian might find another winner just like Frank ingress fell thank you let's say you just bought a house bad news is your one step closer to becoming your parents you'll probably most along and skip anybody notice to mow the lawn tell people to stay off the lawn compare it to your neighbor's lawn and complained about having to mow the lawn again good news is it's easy to model home an auto through progressive and save on your car insurance which of course will go right into the lawn progressive casualty insurance company affiliates and other insurers disco not.

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