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Welcome back to the frame. I'm John Horn. Ford versus versus Ferrari is as the title suggests the story of how Ford entered the nineteen sixty six Lemoyne's automobile race in an attempt to defeat the reigning champion and of Sports Car Racing Ferrari the story centers on the relationship between the men who took up the seemingly impossible challenge race car designer Carroll Shelby played played by Matt Damon and Driving Legend. Ken Miles. WHO's played by Christian Bale together they built and raced the car that we now know as the Ford? Gt I met met with director. James Mangold not too long ago. Where are we James? I want you to describe. We're in a meadow. We're in a meadow looking at some aspens and we were at the telluride film film festival where Ford Versus Ferrari had its world premiere. So are you at all a car night. Can you tell the difference between a Chevy and afford and impala the spectrum of car expertise being able to tell the difference between Chevy Ford is low. You're set the bar very low car nut I would say no now. I'm not a car nut. Although I got much more into it making the film had this story come to you what was your. What was the beginning of his script? Two Thousand Ten two thousand and eleven there was a script floating around Attracted me about the SCRIP. Wasn't just the car thing. But was the unique characters. This kind of Ensemble of hot-rodders riders and veterans and British in southern California and Italians and perfectionists and corporate types. And I saw so much of Frankly I connected with it on the even through the prism of our own business Watching you know this. This effort to build a car is not unlike the effort to make committee and all the different personalities involved in bringing it to market place The artists the marketeers. The naysayers the cynics the idealist the believers the Romantics the crazies These are all part of our life to and and in a way. It seemed like kind of beautiful allegory for me. Also so what was interesting On the level of why the movie hadn't happened. which is that? No one had pulled the trigger on the movie because it had cost every version that anyone who was doing doing were was costing too much and I think the one thing in this actually brings you back to your question was the one thing that really helped me and not being a car. Car Nut was that when I went through the script and tried to kind of Pera down to its essence. I wasn't that guy who is haunted by. Oh I can't cut that. Oh I can't they. I had that has to be the movie meaning. I I had the objectivity to kind of see the movie more than the kind of being such a car racing. Not that I couldn't didn't let go of anything which all the expense of the movie was the racing and so Well you'll know when you see it's movies kind of a private Ryan in Reverse I. It's it's a pretty much a straight ahead character piece ending with an hour of nonstop racing. But you do something with the racing you and your cinematographer in Michael Michael and that is you shoot the races from the racers perspective. We don't have these overhead shots of hundreds of cars. You are taking the viewer in the car. You're so that he or she is in with your razor. Can Miles absolutely John. I think that the whole I mean the to me the the on on a pure ego level if I'm GonNa make a sports movie and my shooting style of the sport is GonNa look the same is what you'd see on your weekend sports broadcast then. I've I've kind of May just be my own sense sense of pride but I feel like I failed but secondly the movie was about these guys and these guys pushing these cars to their limit but also subtleties. You know Ken Miles was a was a great racer and a great engineer but his greatest competition was with himself And I think we make that pretty clear in the movie you know He. He was trying to top himself. He didn't care about the marketing he didn't care about the rankings. He didn't care about fame he just had a goal of being as good is he could be and better than he was yesterday. And that even saying that. How could I ever show anything like that? If I'm not in that cab with him you cast tracy not let's as Henry Ford the second and there's a scene that I will just say we're Henry Ford. The second is in a car going very fast. You ready that was born. READY IT MR shelby.

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