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Commerce city area, westbound seventy th Quebec and a minor accident. Eastbound seventy at twenty five north as Darius pretty slow traffic on Santa Fe. Highway eighty five the crash at airport road. Then forecast tonight, clear skies. Little breezy, low fifty eight tomorrow. Partly sunny afternoon. Rain, scattered thunderstorms. Temps in the mid eighties. Now seventy nine but the traffic and weather of Susan Phelan six thirty K how but farmers insurance, we know a roof can withstand a lot. Exception being an airborne car clean. It covered it talked to farmers. We are. Under my farmer's truck. Fire insurance exchange sent affiliates. Not available in every state darn AC check before, it's too hot to fix it. Twenty four seven has a deal for you. Lean check adjust and practically refurbish the a c and furnace two for just sixty eight bucks. That's both services and since they worked together, it makes sense. Plus, you won't find a better price for the extensive work and deep cleaning anyway. Fix my home dot com. That's fixed by home dot com. Whether you want to conceal carry, refresher course or advanced training and pistol, accuracy speed and load light shooting centennial gun club has it all. And they offer great prices for k how listeners. So sign up today at centennial gun club dot com slash k how alone. Winning dr. And your morning drive. Ross Kaminsky listen to him on the way into work that good star mornings on six thirty K. How Denver's talk station. Live.

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