Ed Butler, BBC, Kinshasa discussed on Business Daily - Tesla's Cobalt Conundrum


Hello i'm ed butler and welcomed the business daily from the bbc today fascinating and a complex tail for you one the takes us all the way from the violence afflicted streets of kinshasa in the congo to leedle musk's tesla factories in nevada we consider this gas mineral that could be threatening the transition to electric cars worldwide grew going to have to dramatically reduce individual ownership and driving you'll be no more individuals in one card poster extremely wealthy battle to come in business daily from the bbc yes today's story is complex and intriguing and it does say a lot about the problems of globalised industry these days it's so complex that you're going to have to bear with me let's stop coke in africa in the democratic republic of congo it's a country that long been mired in bitter fighting with rival warlords competing for control of its huge mineral resources today the violence is starting to deteriorate the problem this year is largely focused on the government's failure to set a date for elections elections were originally meant to take place in the country last december according to the un the opposition and a variety of campaign groups there is no legitimate reason to this delay mennea calling it a straightforward powergrab by the government of joseph kabila you research from the campaign group global witness adjusts the people close to the government could be involved in massive wholesale theft of the country's tax revenues.

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