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The universe. The individual is an aperture through which the universe becomes aware of itself. And we need to be good students. We need to learn something from this relationship and actually manifest it in our lives. And so he loved material culture, teas, in senses, woodworking, he ended up living in a community of woodworkers, roger summers, and had styles where woodworkers is to next door neighbors Elsa across the path was an organic gardener and a poet and I think that one of the happiest days I ever saw him. He would either come down to get the mail or I would drive up with the mail. And he was supposed to come down, but around 11, he hadn't showed up. So I called him and I said, dad, are you coming or should I come up? And he said, oh, come up. I'm sorry I forgot completely. And he was obviously very excited about something. And so I got up there and he had rice paper spread out all over the deck in front of his cabin, which was called the mandala. And he was doing calligraphy. But what he was so excited about was due to the weather nature of the deck boards. Every stroke that he did would print through the wood grain. And so it was doing calligraphy plus wood grain rubbing all in one stroke. He was just having such a good time. And I helped him pick the ones up he'd done, and we hung them in the library to make sure they get totally dry. And he rolled out some more paper and I did a couple. He did a bunch more. And, you know, that just being with it. That wonderful, wonderful thing. And I think this was very well known in the 60s and we've lost a lot of its sense. I mean, Gary Snyder did carpentry and odd jobs wasn't afraid to physically work at all. It was a generation that was much more physically connected, you know, sculptors and painters. And the one of the problems that we have as we use technology more and more is that there's less connection with the actual physical world. And you don't see these renaissance men that can do mechanics and gardening and painting and woodworking. I mean, it's just kind of something that's fading away. And I.

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